How Much Does A Wood Stove Weigh?


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Are you wondering about the weight of a wood stove?

It’s an important factor to consider when purchasing this appliance for your home.

As noted by our competitors even the smaller models can be quite hefty with a weight starting from 300 pounds and going up to 800 pounds or more.

The weight comes from the materials used in manufacturing such as cast iron or steel.

In this article we’ll provide more insights into how much a wood stove weighs and what you need to know before making a purchase.

How Much Does A Wood Stove Weigh

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How much does a wood stove weigh?

The average weight of wood stoves for household use is 397 lbs. The lightest wood stoves weigh around 215 lbs while the heaviest can weigh up to 570 lbs.

Wood stoves are made of cast iron or plate steel which contribute to their heavy weight. Heavier stoves tend to distribute heat more evenly due to increased mass.

Wood stoves can weigh anywhere between 50 to 800 pounds depending on factors such as size model and material makeup. Cast iron wood stoves are generally the heaviest while steel stoves are lighter and more affordable in comparison.

Weight differences based on dimensions

The weight of a wood stove increases with the size of its square footage. Differences of up to 70 lbs or more can be observed between stoves of varying dimensions.

However the weight of a wood stove is not directly correlated with its burn hours; for instance a lighter stove may still have longer burn time than a heavier stove.

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Apart from the stove’s size the design of the wood stove especially if it includes cooking features such as compartments for cookware or utensils may also contribute to its overall weight. As a result wood stoves for cooking purposes may also be heavier than those solely for heating purposes.

Steel vs cast iron weight differences

The material makeup is a significant factor influencing the weight of a wood stove with cast iron and steel being the most common materials used. Cast iron wood stoves are usually heavier than steel counterparts thanks to their high-quality and durability.

On average cast iron stoves are about 23 lbs heavier than steel stoves.

  • Cast Iron: Known for their even heat distribution durability and longevity cast iron stoves tend to be heavier than steel usually weighing 300 to 800 lbs.
  • Steel: Lighter and cheaper compared to cast iron stoves steel wood stoves typically weigh between 215 and 570 lbs.

Keep in mind that the weight differences between steel and cast iron stoves may vary depending on the size design and specific model.

Effects of weight on burn hours

While it might seem like the weight of a wood stove would directly correlate with burn hours this is not always the case. A stove’s burn hours are mainly influenced by factors such as size design and air control systems like baffles and compartments.

The weight of a stove can influence how heat is distributed throughout space. Heavier stoves such as cast iron models typically have a larger mass contributing to more even heat distribution due to their increased thermal storage capacity.

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This ensures a longer-lasting and more consistent heating experience leading to longer burn hours.

However the lightest wood stove doesn’t necessarily have the shortest burn hours and the heaviest may not have the highest burn hours. It’s essential to consider the manufacturer’s heat output specifications and user reviews when purchasing a wood stove as these factors can provide better insights into stove performance than weight alone.

Lightest wood stove options

The lightest wood stoves in the market usually weigh around 215 lbs and are typically made of plate steel which contributes to their reduced weight compared to cast iron stoves. Some light options include stoves from brands such as Lopi Stoves and United States Stove Company.

However it is essential to remember that weight is not directly correlated with burn hours meaning that lighter stoves do not guarantee longer burn times.

Weight breakdown of reviewed wood stoves

In a recent survey conducted in August 2022 the average weight of wood stoves for household use was 397 lbs. The heaviest stove in the survey weighed 570 lbs while the lightest weighed just 215 lbs.

It is important to note that an outlier stove weighing 142 lbs from the United States Stove Company was excluded from the analysis.

  • Blaze King: 397 lbs
  • Lopi Stoves: 300 lbs – 500 lbs
  • Wood Stove Brand A: 450 lbs
  • Wood Stove Brand B: 350 lbs

The weight of a wood stove depends on several factors such as its size material makeup and design. Cast iron stoves tend to be heavier averaging about 23 lbs more than steel stoves.

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The larger a stove the heavier it usually is with differences of up to 70 lbs or more between stoves of varying dimensions.

Wood stoves can weigh anywhere between 50 to 800 pounds depending on their size model and material makeup. The heaviest options usually made of cast iron may even weigh more.

For consumers making decisions based on the weight of wood stoves a range of models and brands is available with various factors such as dimensions materials and design contributing to the overall weight of the appliance.

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