How Much Does It Cost To Build A Long Range Rifle?


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If you’ve ever wondered ‘how much does it cost to build a long range rifle?

‘ this article is a must-read for you.

We often regard such custom projects as expensive hobbies.

However the financial aspect isn’t the only factor to consider.

There are other elements like craftmanship choice of material and level of customization which influence the pricing.

It’s not as straightforward as picking an item off the shelf.

But does a bespoke long range rifle truly warrant its price tag?

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Long Range Rifle

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Cost Breakdown

The cost to build a long range rifle can vary significantly depending on the components and services chosen. A custom long-range rifle can cost between $5000 and $10000 however building a custom gun can be done at a fraction of the cost with the right enhancements and skills.

This cost breakdown is largely influenced by factors such as the Accurizer Service base rifle cost custom features and the addition of premium components like the Huskemaw Optic. The RTK line provides a more affordable solution with packages starting at around $4000 inclusive of useful gear like a hard case ammo a wind meter a sunshade scope coat and switch view lever.

Rifle Components

The components that go into building a long range rifle are central to the overall cost. Each element plays a crucial part in delivering the accuracy guarantee that long-range shooters seek.

The base rifle is usually a popular production rifle from brands like LSI which can be customised according to the shooter’s preferences. Enhancements can be made to the trigger stock rail mount scope rings and rifle scope all contributing to the price tag.

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Upgrades are chosen based on their ease of use adjustability and quality.

A key component in a long-range rifle is the optic system. Optics like the Huskemaw Optic are industry standards enhancing accuracy and ensuring long-range hunting success.

Hunting Rifle Setup

Constructing a long-range rifle involves making numerous important decisions about gear and equipment all of which impact the ultimate cost.

Starting with the base rifle you’ll have to select the perfect one that suits your needs.

According to the industry-wide standard the price for a quality base rifle starts around $500.

However custom rifles which are renowned for their superior craftsmanship and guarantee of accuracy might set you back anywhere from $5000 to $10000.

Such a significant price tag is justified by the premium components meticulous manufacturing processes and stringent quality control standards that go into creating these custom rifles.

Optics Selection

Another crucial component in building a long-range rifle is the selection of optics.

A good scope is a central part of long-range shooting system influencing the overall functionality and effectiveness of your rifle.

Companies like Huskemaw Optic offer high-quality scopes that incorporate advanced features like dual-stack custom yardage turrets.

However it’s worth noting that such advanced optics will increase the overall budget.

For a good scope prices start from around $200 but can go up to $3000 for premium options.

Remember your budget plays a role in determining what choices you can make but it’s crucial to invest in optics that guarantee the accuracy that long-range shooters require.

Custom Rifle Options

The market is filled with a sea of long-range hunting rifles and systems but the popularity of custom rifles continues to grow. This is largely due to their guarantee of accuracy and unique ability to adopt the long-lasting quality standards of premium components.

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However building a custom long range rifle calls for a significant budget. A typical custom long-range rifle will cost you between $5000 and $10000.

But this price tag doesn’t discourage many long-range shooters as it is often seen as a worthy investment.

The central part of the cost comes from the assembly of semantically relevant and high-quality equipment such as a hard case ammo sunshade scope coat and a wind meter. These are integral parts of the custom rifle package.

If you’re on a limited budget the RTK line may pique your interest. Also known as the Ready-to-Kill line it’s viewed as a more affordable path to a quality long-range rifle.

RTK system packages are essentially a hunting package or a shooting system that starts at around $4000 scaling up to $6000 or even $7000. Every RTK package includes the base rifle a Huskemaw Optic custom yardage turrets and other essential technicalities that a long-range shooter might need.

Whether you opt for custom rifles or RTK systems your budget plays a role in picking the right long range rifle. However the accuracy guarantee and quality offered by these options are undeniably valuable for many shooting and hunting enthusiasts.

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