How Much Does It Cost To Build A Longboard?


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If you’ve been pondering a question – ‘how much does it cost to build a longboard’ – you’re in the right place.

Many longboard enthusiasts eventually consider building their own accessory instead of purchasing a ready-made one.

Just imagine coasting down the street on a longboard you built yourself feeling every bit of craftsmanship under your feet.

Could there be anything more fulfilling?

However the cost of this project might be a barrier.

But is it really?

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Longboard

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Longboard Cost Breakdown

The cost of a longboard varies widely ranging from as low as $50 to as high as $300. The cost is determined by various factors including the brand construction material size and quality of components such as trucks and wheels.

For instance popular brands like Arbor Landyachtz and Loaded offer longboards with diverse price ranges. In terms of construction material bamboo boards tend to cost more than their maple counterparts due to their higher durability and flex.

Deck size also plays a role with mini-cruisers being generally cheaper due to their small size while large dancing longboards usually carry a higher price tag due to their oversized boards.

Good quality longboard wheels typically fall in the $35-$55 range while an 8-pack of Bones Reds bearings can cost approximately $20. Upgrading to higher-end trucks or larger wheels can further add to the cost.

Factors Impacting Longboard Cost

Many factors impact the cost of a longboard. Aside from the longboard brand and the materials used in the longboard’s construction the type of skating also influences its cost.

For example mini-cruisers are generally cheaper costing around $50-$80 for low-quality boards and $100-$150 for high-quality ones. In comparison dancing and freestyle boards are the most expensive with prices ranging from <$200 for low-quality to $300+ for high-quality ones.

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Specialized styles such as downhill and long-distance require boards with advanced technology and construction pushing their costs higher typically between $200-$300 for high-quality ones. Additionally upgrading components like trucks wheels and bearings can also greatly increase the cost of a longboard.

Choosing The Right Longboard For Your Budget

The process of choosing the right longboard greatly depends on your budget. It’s crucial to match the board cost with your skill level and riding style.

For instance the price of longboards ranges from $50 to $300 offering a diverse range from cheaper versions to premium offerings.

Remember however that cheaper doesn’t necessarily mean better. While low-cost longboards might appeal to budget-conscious buyers such boards may come with inferior wheels and trucks affecting ride smoothness and the board’s longevity.

Be careful when considering longboards from generic department stores. They often have a limited selection and may not adequately cater to your evolving needs.

  • Starting point: A good quality beginner-friendly longboard typically costs around $90 to $150.
  • Great brands to consider include Arbor longboards Loaded longboards and Landyachtz longboards.
  • Choose from various riding styles: cruising freestyle freeride sliding downhill and speed racing.

Exploring Different Price Ranges For Longboards

Every longboard brand offers an array of prices each delivering different features and benefits.

Be prepared to shell out between $150 and $400 for a longboard. Experts recommend beginners aiming for a longboard in the $150 – $200 range.

The cost of longboards can remarkably vary by brand. Arbor Landyachtz and Loaded are esteemed brands with diverse price ranges.

The deck construction significantly impacts the cost. Decks made of bamboo are usually more expensive than those made of maple wood.

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Longboard Type Low-Quality High-Quality
Mini cruisers $50-$80 $100-$150
Cruisers $100 $150-$220
Dancing and freestyle boards $200 $300+
Downhill skateboards $180 $200-$300
Commuter/long-distance boards $200 $200-$320

Take note that price does not always precisely indicate quality. That’s why it’s crucial to invest in a high-quality longboard especially for specialized types of skating.

Be sure to research thoroughly and choose trusted brands like Arbor Landyachtz and Loaded to maximize your investment.

Finding Affordable Options For Building A Longboard

When finding affordable options for building a longboard it’s important to understand how the costs break down. Prices can range anywhere from $50 to $300 depending on factors such as deck construction brand and size of the board.

To start steer clear of purchasing longboards from generic department stores. They often carry a limited selection and lack the requisite knowledge to assist you in choosing the right board.

Instead opt for specialized stores like that carry a diverse range of options and have helpful resources like their buyer’s guide.

When on a budget a complete longboard setup usually costs around $90 to $150 offering a smooth quality ride suitable for beginners. Although cheaper longboards often come with lower quality wheels and trucks affecting ride smoothness and longevity you can often find affordable longboards under $100 at

The price of your longboard can also vary significantly depending on the type of skating you plan to do. For instance cruiser boards or mini cruises are usually more affordable while dancing and freestyle boards may be priced higher.

Especially when fashioning a longboard with advanced technology and specific riding style in mind costs may increase.

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Choose a brand that aligns with the quality you desire and the price point you are comfortable with. A high rating is a good indication of superior ride quality and longevity.

Brands like Arbor Landyachtz and Loaded for instance have different price points but enjoyable ride smoothly.

Deciding on the material of the deck can also impact the cost. Boards with bamboo construction are typically more expensive than their maple counterparts.

Similarly costs can escalate when considering larger boards as they demand more material in their manufacture. Conversely mini-cruisers tend to be more affordable.

Furthermore your truck and wheel choice can affect the overall cost. Upgrading to higher-end trucks or larger wheels can raise the overall cost.

A bearings upgrade may also increase the cost although it can drastically enhance the quality of your ride. Consider this option if you desire smoother navigation and higher speeds.

Indulging in customization options while attractive can end up adding to your board’s overall price. However having a board that accurately reflects your preferences and style can significantly enhance your riding experience.

Remember that while these tips can help bring the longboard cost down the goal should always be to build a board that adequately caters to your preferences and evolving needs as a skateboarding enthusiast.

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