How Much Does It Cost To Build Fire Pit?


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If you’ve found yourself wondering “How much does it cost to build a fire pit?”

then you’re not alone.

Many people love the cozy vibe that a backyard fire pit can provide and are eager to add one to their property.

However the question of expense can often stand as a daunting hurdle.

Is it a small investment for a significant improvement to your yard or something that will break the bank?

The answer might surprise you.

How Much Does It Cost To Build Fire Pit

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Fire Pit Cost

Building a fire pit could range from $325 to $2000 on average for a custom-built one. Pre-fabricated or prefab fire pits may cost between $75 to $500.

However prices can fluctuate hugely depending on the type and size of the pit as well as the materials used. A 24′ wide pit for instance starts at $150 to $500 but can go up to $1300 to $4500 for a 72′ wide fire pit.

Building materials alone range from $80 to $3400 depending on the type. Notably a custom fire pit built from high-end materials like Techo-Bloc Valencia stone would run higher costs.

On the other hand using concrete would lower the cost substantially. Labor costs also influence the final price.

However it’s worth noting that some costs like enhancing the fire pit with additions like fire grates or built-in seating can add significant amounts to the final bill.

Fire Pit Types

There are various types of fire pits matching different aesthetic tastes functionality needs and budgets. At the bottom of the price range are off-the-shelf fire pits.

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These cost around $30 for wood-burning variants and up to $100 for propane versions.

A step up from these are prefab fire pits average costs could range from $500 to $600. These come in kits and integrate well with existing backyard elements.

However some homeowners opt for custom-built fire pits. These range from $3000 to $5000 but offer exquisite materials and choices between in-ground or above-ground models.

Worth noting in-ground fire pits tend to cost more but offer increased safety while above-ground fire pits are more stunning and functional.

Fire pit costs greatly depend on material size fuel type and the addition of accessories like safety screens or built-in seats. So it all boils down to what you prioritize for your unique outdoor space.

Installing A Fire Pit

Installing a fire pit can enhance your outdoor space providing a cozy area for gathering with friends and family. Considering various factors is crucial when planning for the installation.

These include the fire pit size shape type and material as well as the installation cost.

The type of fire pit you choose can largely influence your budget. DIY cost to build a fire pit ranges approximately from $200 to $650 for tools and materials.

On the other hand a custom-built fire pit cost can range from $325 to $2000 depending on the customization level and materials used.

Commonly asked questions about fire pit installation include the optimal size the best type of fire pits and the lifespan of a fire pit. Most fire pits last from a few years to a lifetime depending on the material and frequency of maintenance.

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Diy Vs. Professional Fire Pit Installation

Building a fire pit can either be a DIY project or done by professionals. DIY fire pit installation is budget-friendly and gives homeowners the satisfaction of hand-building their fire pits.

However it may require several tools such as shovel hand tamper and tape measure.

For intricate designs or when using propane or natural gas as a fuel source it might be best to hire a professional. A professional fire pit installer can handle tasks such as excavating dirt brush pile removal tree removal and building codes compliance among others.

They could also have guarantees and warranties that DIY might not provide.

On the other hand hiring professionals come with labor costs. The labor cost to install a fire pit depends largely on the amount of ground-preparation work involved and may range from $60 to $125 per hour.

Whether you choose a DIY or a professional fire pit installation the goal is to create an inviting and functional addition to your outdoor space while also adhering to safety regulations.

Type Cost Range Main Costs Involved
DIY Fire Pit $200-$650 Tool and material costs
Professional Fire Pit Installation $325-$2000 Labor Tool and material costs

Saving Money On Fire Pit Cost

With an average cost of building a fire pit around $700-$850 it’s important to consider ways of saving money on the fire pit cost. You want to build a fire pit at a budget-friendly cost.

There are several ways to go about this.

Firstly consider downsizing. Opting for a smaller fire pit can significantly drop the cost.

For instance the price for a 24′ wide fire pit starts around $150-$500 much lower than a 72′ wide fire pit that could go up to $1300 to $4500.

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Avoiding built-in seating can also cut costs as the cost of building an above-ground fire pit seating wall ranges from $4400 to $15800. Similarly a sunken in-ground fire pit with built-in seating is costlier ranging from $3000 to $8800.

Selecting wood as a fuel source over propane or natural gas is also a budget-friendly consideration. The costs associated with a propane fire pit for example can escalate between $900 and $2000 versus a cheaper wood and charcoal-burning variant.

Another consideration is the location of the gas line for propane-burning fire pit. Its proximity to the chosen fire pit location can be a difference of several hundred dollars as licensed electrician or plumber might have to be involved.

You can also consider buying a prefab unit that costs between $75 and $500 significantly lower compared to a custom-built fire pit that costs between $325 and $2000. The prefab units also come with no assembly required saving on labor costs.

Finally a DIY approach may yield cost savings if you have the right skills and resources. The DIY cost to build a fire pit is around $200 to $650 for tools and materials which is lower compared to hiring professionals.

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