How Much Does It Cost To Build House In Philippines?


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Many people often ask “How much does it cost to build a house in the Philippines?

Building a house is an investment and knowing the cost is critical for budgeting.

However there’s no exact answer as prices can vary depending on numerous factors.

Could the dream of building your own house be more accessible than you think?

How Much Does It Cost To Build House In Philippines

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How Much To Build House In Philippines

Building a house in the Philippines in 2023 can vary greatly in cost. It depends on multiple factors including the location type of house and choice of finishes.

A rough estimate of the average house construction cost can land between 23000 PHP to 35000 PHP per square meter often varying based on the region. For instance the cost may increase if you’re building in major cities like Metro Manila or Cebu.

There are different types of houses with varying costs. A typical bamboo house can cost from 200000 PHP to 1 million PHP whereas a standard bungalow house tends to fall around 25000 PHP to 35000 PHP per square meter.

Tiny houses range from 900000 PHP to 1200000 PHP while a two-storey house construction can be anywhere between 27000 PHP to 60000 PHP per square meter.

Factors To Consider In Building A House

There are several essential factors to consider when calculating the cost of building a house in the Philippines. One such factor includes the location.

House construction costs can fluctuate depending on whether the house is built in the bustling city of Baguio the picturesque Bicol Region or more remote areas such as the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao or the Zamboanga Peninsula.

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The choice of construction materials plays a significant role as well. From traditional options such as concrete to alternative types like bamboo for a bamboo house or steel components for container homes the selection impacts not only the cost but also the durability and resistance against environmental conditions like earthquakes or wind.

The architectural design and desired finishes whether it’s a rough or elegant finish standard or semi-elegant significantly impact the final house construction cost. Also the type and number of rooms number of bathrooms and the use of specific features like glass windows or specialized types of glass can add up to the overall cost.

Ultimately securing a building permit hiring reliable contractors and ensuring a clear and detailed budget are essential steps to a successful house building process.

Cost Per Square Meter In The Philippines

House construction cost in the Philippines generally fluctuates over time impacted by various factors. According to the Philippine Statistics Authority typical house construction costs in the Philippines as of 2023 run between 23000 PHP and 35000 PHP per square meter.

It’s important to remember that these figures are variable and can change depending on factors such as location materials and building necessities. For instance a two-storey house can cost between 27000 PHP to 60000 PHP per square meter.

In contrast building costs for condominiums and other forms of residential construction in the first quarter of 2022 were around ₱10893.16 per square meter while costs for constructing residential duplex or quadruplex properties were even lower averaging only ₱8798 per sqm. Alternatively tiny houses which provide a more compact living space cost between 900000 PHP to 1200000 PHP to construct.

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Types Of Finishing And Cost Range

Finishing works are critical in any house construction and greatly impact the aesthetics and cost of the building. This final stage of construction determines both the outward appearance of the home and the quality of its interior.

Different types of finishes have different cost ranges including the rough or bare finish semi-elegant finish and elegant finish respectively.

For homes in the Philippines a rough/bare finish which includes basic wirings plumbing and masonry can be a more affordable option at around 15000 PHP per square meter. For those who prefer a more polished look but are budget-conscious the semi-elegant finish which includes ceramic tiles better-quality doors and windows and moderate lightning fixtures can cost an average of 25000 PHP per square meter.

The elegant finish with high-end materials and specialized fixtures can run as high as 40000 PHP per sqm.

It’s important to remember that using stronger and higher-quality finish materials like steel framing and laminated glass windows can lead to higher costs but will also yield a stronger more durable home in return.

Building A Bamboo House In The Philippines

Building a bamboo house in the Philippines can cost between 200000 PHP to 1 million PHP depending on the size and materials. This type of house construction offers environmental benefits and a unique aesthetic appeal.

However the durability and lifespan of a bamboo house usually rely on the construction method and the type of finish applied. Semi-elegant or high-end finishes may result in higher costs.

Furthermore additional architectural design or specialized glass can also drive up the average house construction cost.

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A well-made house must adhere to regulatory building necessities like acquiring the necessary building permits even for bamboo houses. You may need to budget for unexpected expenses to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Remember the house construction costs in 2023 may slightly differ due to the annual increase in the cost of construction materials and labor costs. Always consider this in your building budget.

Bamboo houses may experience specific challenges in certain regions. For instance areas prone to earthquakes like the Baguio and Benguet area in the Cordillera Administrative Region or areas with inflexible construction regulations may demand additional safety measures strengthening the bamboo structure and adding to the costs.

Building a bamboo house in the Philippines can be a great investment if made carefully considering all factors like location materials building permits and other related costs.

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