How Much Does It Cost To Build Lazy River?


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Are you curious about how much does it cost to build lazy river?

You’re not alone!

It’s a fantastic leisurely backyard addition that’s synonymous with relaxation and summertime fun – but what price tag does it carry?

Are you ready for this kind of investment?

Stick around as we delve into the intriguing world of lazy river construction and the costs involved.

Unraveling the mystery behind the cost however may surprise you.

How Much Does It Cost To Build Lazy River

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Lazy River Pool Cost

The cost to build a lazy river pool can vary dramatically based on a number of factors. At bare minimum building a simple oval-shaped backyard lazy river can begin at around $100000.

However extravagant projects such as a 400-foot backyard lazy river can cost upwards of $510000.

For larger and adventurous ventures a 500 linear foot lazy river could cost about $900000 and a 10000 linear foot lazy river can cost over $1.4 million.

The costs include labor cost of the materials used permits taxes and other extras like pool lighting waterfall features and options like a in pool spa or kitchen.

Residential lazy river construction estimated costs could also increase based on any exciting features or classy designs you want to add.

  • Additional charges may arise from upgrades including dedicated gas lines transformers for electricity the creation of a center island and landscaping features.
  • Pool maintenance costs should also be considered averaging at over $500 monthly. This includes chlorine costs and upkeep of pressure valves and pumps.
  • Keep in mind financing options might be available. Providers such as Above Ground Pools Experts offer oval-shaped lazy river pools ranging from $7249.99 to $9649.99.
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Building Overview

The process of building a lazy river pool is no small task. It requires collaboration of contractors architects and pool professionals.

When beginning a backyard lazy river project it’s important to consider factors such as size depth speed location and materials used. A typical backyard lazy river should be at least 50 to 60 feet long three and a half feet deep and six feet wide.

This is not a do-it-yourself project. To ensure an accurate value it is crucial to hire a reputable professional such as those from Pool Warehouse who has experience constructing custom pools and lazy rivers.

Custom-tailored to homeowners lifestyle these pools complement the architecture of the home transforming your backyard addition into an exclusive resort filled with relaxation and vitality.

  • Remember the use of medium or low-head pumps is necessary to create the flow effect in a lazy river.
  • The wall thickness and other dimensions of the lazy river will be defined by the site conditions and the materials used. Similar building methods are used as those for a traditional pool.
  • Premium materials such as gunite concrete and fiberglass are typically used by professionals for the pool walls floor and as pool wall braces.

Additional Costs

Building a lazy river comes with additional costs beyond the base price of assembly. These can include but are not limited to gas lines ($100-$170 extra) and upgrading transformers for electricity which may extend your budget.

Creating a center island in your lazy river as well as adding landscaping features adds an artistic twist but will also raise the overall project cost. Gathering the necessary permits can incur further costs leaving the economical pool owner facing an uphill climb to keep the project within budget.

  • Gas line installation: $100-$170 additional cost
  • Upgrading transformers: varies
  • Construction of a center island: varies
  • Landscaping features: varies
  • Permits: varies
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Moreover these additional costs vary regionally which makes calling for local quotes a priority. To provide an accurate value utilize resources such as to help gauge the underlying costs you will be facing and to ensure a reputable professional is selected.


When thinking about installing a lazy river key considerations will fall under categories such as features size depth location type and materials used. For example a small backyard lazy river with an oval shape can cost roughly $100000 but a more ambitious project such as a 400-foot lazy river could leap to over $510000.

It’s crucial to note that the construction cost of a 10000 linear foot lazy river can exceed $1.5 million. To ensure smooth operation installing low to medium-head pumps to create a flowing river will be necessary.

Long-term maintenance costs are also a key factor to consider with monthly expenses around $1100 inclusive of pump and valve maintenance chlorine and cleaning.

Also the methods used to construct your lazy river should be taken into account. They resemble the ones used to build a traditional pool with construction contingent on site conditions such as soil and landscaping features.

One final crucial consideration is hiring a reputable professional with experience in constructing lazy rivers as their expertise can save homeowners much hassle and potential additional costs.

Money-Saving Tips

To build a lazy river cost-effectively consider several money-saving tips. Firstly get multiple quotes from contractors.

This can help you find an accurate value and save money. Platforms like can assist you in finding quotes from reputable professionals.

If you want a more adventurous project try going for a do-it-yourself lazy river though experts recommend hiring professionals for the best results. You can also save by using premium material like vinyl which is easy to clean and maintain.

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Try buying lazy river pool kits from places like the Pool Warehouse and Above Ground Pools Experts. These kits are less expensive than custom pools.

When customizing consider oval-shaped rivers which are typically cheaper.

Remember to consider long-term maintenance costs which can be around $1100 per month. You can save money by installing low or medium-head pumps essential for creating the flow effect which can reduce your electricity costs.

Keep maintenance in mind when choosing your pool type.

Keep additional costs in mind when budgeting since upgrading transformers creating lounge spaces and adding dedicated gas lines can increases the total price.

Building a lazy river is a significant backyard addition. Don’t compromise on safety.

Make sure your contractor acquires the necessary permits which are considered an extra cost but necessary for the project.

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