How Much Does It Cost To Build New Kitchen?


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If you’ve been wondering ‘how much does it cost to build a new kitchen‘ rest assured you are not alone.

This common query is one that homeowners around the world find themselves wrestling with especially when they crave a home upgrade.

Tangled up in the question of the price are considerations of quality style and function.

Is it possible to create your dream culinary space without breaking the bank?

How Much Does It Cost To Build New Kitchen

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Average Kitchen Building Cost

Building a brand-new kitchen can be a significant investment. According to data it costs on average anywhere between $5000 to $125000 for an average kitchen installation cost.

The cost heavily depends on the quality of the materials design and the size of the space. Adding a high-end work with custom constructions such as custom cabinetry and luxury countertop materials can drive up the cost.

Labor is another element to consider. Professionals’ hourly rate composing about 25% of the total project cost.

Meanwhile DIY-ing your project could save some of this cost but will require advanced DIY skills and plenty of time.

A fully fitted kitchen price may vary depending on the finishes fixtures like lighting additions the type of lights and this custom-built-ins like a pantry and comfortable soft-close drawers.

Location-Based Kitchen Building Cost

Location has a significant impact on the cost of building a new kitchen. According to our research the cost to build a kitchen by location averages about $62000.

But remember the more luxury materials and high-end smart appliances you add the more the cost can increase.

In some cases structural changes may be required to optimize the kitchen layout which adds to the cost. Electrical work and plumbing installation can also increase the budget with costs varying based on the complexity of the project and local rates.

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If you’re considering upgrading flooring or countertops bear in mind that these costs can differ based on your region. Other location-based costs could include permits changing kitchen footprint and moving plumbing or electrical lines.

Remember if you’re looking to save money on your new kitchen consider sourcing materials from architectural salvage yards or thrift stores opting for energy-efficient appliances and obtaining multiple quotes to get the best deal.

Kitchen Relocation Cost

Ever thought of changing your kitchen’s position within your property? Kitchen relocation might have its perks but it’s important to account for the costs associated with it too.

Generally the cost to relocate a kitchen ranges from $20000 to $40000.

The cost depends on multiple factors like the size of the kitchen the distance it’s moved and any structural changes required. Bear in mind that moving your kitchen to a different location will also mean moving plumbing and electrical lines which will add to the total costs.

This undertaking can benefit from professional help whether it’s from a kitchen contractor or movers. Hiring a local kitchen contractor is advisable as they would understand the building regulations in your region and could offer some pro recommendations based on their experience.

Additional Kitchen Relocation Costs

Item Average Cost
Appliance moving $150 – $500
Plumbing installation $350- $1850
Electrical installation varies
Structural alterations Depends on scale and complexity

Kitchen Design Pricing

If you’re dreaming of a new kitchen you might want to consider leveraging the skills of a kitchen designer. A kitchen designer’s duty is to create a perfect marriage between functionality and aesthetics in a manner that suits your budget.

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On average hiring kitchen designers costs between $4350 and $22350 or about $160 per hour. The design fees can either be charged as a flat fee or a percentage of the total project cost.

Although it is an additional cost hiring a kitchen designer could translate to a higher ROI in the long run. Not only will they help refine your kitchen remodel desires and ensure a practical and efficient layout but they also assist in the selection of materials keeping the budget in check.

What impacts Kitchen design costs?

  • The complexity of the project
  • The quality of materials chosen
  • The mix of DIY skills used versus hired labor
  • The size of the space

Plumbing & Electrical Installation

When installing a new kitchen it’s important to budget for essential prep services which include running electrical lines and plumbing. These costs add to your total kitchen remodel budget and DIY-ing these aspects may not save much.

The average DIY kitchen installation cost is between $46000 to $94000+ inclusive of such services.

Plumbing installation adds on average $350 to $1850 to the kitchen installation costs. Moving plumbing lines for appliances sinks or dishwashers comes at an additional cost.

It’s recommended to keep the existing kitchen footprint to save on plumbing costs when working on average or small-scale remodels.

Alongside plumbing the cost of electrical installation varies greatly. Tasks range from installing simple lighting such as under-cabinet lighting to fitting high-end smart appliances that need dedicated circuits hence impacting the project cost.

All these require professional help. DIY skills may not suffice for tasks like installing gas lines for a gas-powered stove or rewiring the kitchen’s electrical lines.

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Hiring a pro may add to your costs but safety takes priority and these pros help avoid common pitfalls.

Bearing the accessibility and ROI of your newly fitted kitchen in mind building permits for plumbing & electrical work might be necessary. They factor into the cost breakdown despite being overlooked frequently.

Additionally keep in mind the efficient layout. Good plumbing and electrical installation should serve both aesthetics and functionality.

This ties into energy savings with proper installation of energy-efficient appliances and lighting fixtures. When estimating costs remember appliance moving can also entail added electrical and plumbing work.

So whether it’s a simple kitchenette or a luxurious custom build with a kitchen island and high-end appliances factor in the costs of plumbing and electrical installations and hire pros where necessary. This can help avoid costly issues down the line and ensure your kitchen is not just beautiful but also safe and functional.

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