How Much Does It Cost To Build Wind Turbine?


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With growing interest in renewable energy many people are asking how much does it cost to build a wind turbine?.

It’s a valid question considering the current emphasis on sustainability and greener alternatives.

The answer however is not as straightforward as one might assume.

There are various factors involved which may significantly affect the final price tag.

But first before we delve into the specifics have we ever stopped to ponder just what it takes to get a wind turbine up and running?

How Much Does It Cost To Build Wind Turbine

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Cost Variations Of Wind Turbines

The cost of constructing a wind turbine is intricate depending on a wide array of varying factors. For turbines under 100 kilowatts the cost ranges from $3000 to $8000 per kilowatt of capacity.

Conversely a 10 kilowatt turbine might cost anywhere from $50000-$80000 including the initial purchase price and installation cost.

For commercial-scale wind turbines the prices escalate. It costs around $1.3 million to $2.2 million per megawatt of installed capacity.

Typically most of the 2 MW sized commercial turbines installed today cost around $3-$4 million. But then again these costs can fluctuate based on manufacturer size and location.

Factors Affecting Wind Turbine Costs

The cost of building a wind turbine is influenced by many aspects. One major determinant is the turbine’s size; larger wind turbines such as offshore commercial wind turbines that have larger capacities and greater generating capacity cost more.

For instance the GE Haliade-X being one of the world’s largest offshore turbines with 140m blades and a generation capacity of 18MW is definitely more expensive.

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The construction material is also crucial. Large metal components such as the tower blades and nacelle account for nearly 80 percent of the total cost.

Materials used can range from steel metal alloys to composite materials and even wood. The choice can drastically alter the final billing.

Operational and maintenance costs are another vital factor. The ongoing yearly O&M expenses can range from 1-2 cents per kilowatt-hour produced.

Moreover they tend to increase as the turbines age and are generally higher for offshore wind farms due to additional challenges.

Financial Considerations For Wind Turbine Installation

The cost to build a wind turbine largely depends on its size and location. For instance a typical home or farm-scale turbine that is less than 100 kilowatts usually costs approximately $3000-$8000 per kilowatt of capacity.

If we consider a 10 kilowatt machine the installation cost ranges from $50000-$80000 and could be higher depending on specific site-dependent factors such as weather conditions and soil type. On the other hand commercial wind turbines entail a much higher investment.

Commercial Wind Turbine Costs

Commercial wind turbines predominantly are in the 2 megawatt (MW) range can cost between $1.3-$2.2 million per MW of capacity installed. Therefore an average-sized 2 MW turbine would likely cost around $2.6-$4 million installed taking into account economies of scale and volume discounts from manufacturers like Siemans Gamesa and GE Haliade-X.

Wind Turbine Cost And Revenue Generation

Having determined the upfront costs to build a wind turbine it is equally important to consider the ongoing O&M expenses such as maintenance cost and repair costs potential land rent agreements and insurance.

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Maintenance costs are typically calculated as 1-2 cents per kilowatt-hour produced or between $42000-$48000 per year. These costs may increase with older turbines or offshore installations.

Revenue Generation

Despite the considerable initial purchase price and ongoing costs wind turbines have the potential to generate substantial revenue. Depending on the turbine’s capacity and environmental advantages a turbine could earn between $3000-$10000 or more every year.

This is achieved by selling electricity to local power utilities or directly to businesses and homes.

  • A 1-megawatt turbine with a 35% capacity could generate $61320 annually $87600 at 50% capacity and $114880 at 65% capacity in 2019.
  • A 2.5-megawatt turbine could generate $153300 at 35% capacity $219000 at 50% capacity and $284700 at 65% capacity.
  • A 4-megawatt turbine could generate $245280 at 35% capacity $350400 at 50% capacity and $455520 at 65% capacity.

This makes the financial return on investment quite attractive despite the initial million dollars investment and the fact that wind turbines tend to run at 35-65% capacity due to varying wind conditions.

Wind Turbine Maintenance Expenses

The cost to maintain wind turbines can be a significant ongoing expense. These maintenance costs known as O&M costs can vary with the size age and location of the turbine.

Overall O&M expenses for wind turbines are roughly estimated at 1-2 cents per kilowatt-hour produced. This could equate to $42000-$48000 per year for larger commercial installations like the 1-megawatt 2.5-megawatt and 4-megawatt turbines popular in wind farms.

These costs account for various tasks such as repair work due to lightning strikes blade lightning damage and maintaining anti-icing systems which are crucial in keeping the turbines running efficiently.

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Manufacturers like Siemans Gamesa Vestas’ V236-15.0MW and GE Haliade-X offer comprehensive long-term service agreements to cover these O&M expenses.

Consulting a reputable energy services company like Anemoi Energy Services can also aid in mitigating these costs.

Maintenance costs can increase significantly as turbines age and it is higher for offshore wind farms due to harsh weather conditions and accessibility challenges.

It’s also important to note that these costs can vary based on site-dependent factors such as wind conditions environmental advantages and severity of the weather.

Lastly governments and financial programs offer subsidies and incentives to lower O&M costs making wind energy a viable and sustainable option for many businesses and homes.

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