If you are wondering how much to build a luxury home the first order of business is to define luxury home. Unfortunately even when you ask the expert builders of luxury homes, the answers are likely to start a long-winded debate among them. It seems that they are likely to throw around insults like Mc-mansion, cookie cutter tract house, and 5,000 square feet of stacked boxes, to describe the work of their professional rivals. The top architects will quickly tell you, that which commonly passes for luxury due to size and expensive materials, is simply not luxury housing. From their critical words however we can learn a lot about what a luxury homes is and is not.

How Much to Build a Luxury Home: Debating Pricing Factors

Square footage alone does not amount to luxury. Neither do luxuries like expensive stone countertops. True luxury is not defined by the amount of oversized wooden moldings, or amazing plumbing features. What does make a home a luxury home is uniqueness, superior design, comfort and a great location. A luxury home must be of architectural significance. It must occupy a great lot with style and dignity. It must have architectural details that set it apart from common construction. A luxury home is a work of art, offering a degree of comfort and beauty, which far exceeds other homes. At least this is the opinion of top luxury home builders. Further, while none of them can accurately define the term luxury home, most of them say they know one when they see one.

How Much to Build a Luxury Home: Uniqueness and Artistic Value

Because of the fact uniqueness and artistic value are crucial to the definition of luxury, it is impossible to determine the value of them. They are truly priceless works of art, which might cost 7 million dollars or considerably less. Very few luxury custom home builders are going to give you an average cost per square foot. It depends on what you want. Some however, who are willing to list prices publicly will say $180.00 per square foot while others say $600 per square foot. Some of the variation is due to location, and it is certain that luxury homes in California or Hawaii cost a lot more than luxury homes in rural Kansas. Other variables could be the fame of the architect, or the reputation of the builders. Some of the price variation is the cost of materials and labor in a given location.

How Much to Build a Luxury Home: Perfection
A true luxury home can sell for $600 per square foot, while a more worthy home may sell for considerably less. These luxury homes are often perfect examples of contractors using shiny stuff to dazzle their customers, rather than using quality and uniqueness. True luxury homes go beyond quality construction, which is assumed, and go on to heights of pure architectural genius. If there is no architectural genus involved in a home, and it is quite similar to the house next door, it is not truly a luxury home, regardless of the price, or how much imported marble it contains.

How much you spent to build a luxury home depends greatly on the architect and home builder. Just as many artist’s paintings are not recognized until the death of the artist, sometimes architects and home builders also go unrecognized. Investigate architects and builders in your area and determine which ones have the skills to produce the home you envision. Past the extra cost of unique materials, the price of the work of various artisans and craftsmen for carved architectural features, the architect’s fees, and the extra time to build artistic details, a luxury home should cost no more to build than any other quality home of sound construction. Naturally these sorts of features vary greatly in cost, and have little to do with the structural integrity of the home.

Possibly the best way to get a luxury home for less, could include asking a school of architecture for the names of recent promising graduates. It’s quite possible one of their young alumni would meet your needs and provide an award-winning unique design for less than an older more established architect. You could bring the design to a reputable quality or luxury home builder in your area. Shop for artistic woodwork and other quality elements to create a truly unique home and save a bundle. How much to build a luxury home is variable, but by shopping wisely you may have a luxury home for a lot less than you would expect.

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