How to Anchor a Shed Without Concrete

Having a shed can help free up space in your home. But before you build a shed, you need to know how it will stay in place.

If you can’t or don’t want to use concrete, you should know about alternatives. That way, you can still anchor your new shed after you build it.

How Do You Anchor a Shed Without Concrete?

To anchor a shed without concrete, use auger-style shed anchors. You’ll screw the anchors into the ground on either side of the shed. Use straps or cables that go over the top of the shed, and tie each end into the anchors.

If you want to further anchor your shed, choose a good building material. Wood sheds are heavier and don’t require as much support to stay in place as plastic or metal.

Why Anchor a Shed Without Concrete

Anchoring a shed with concrete is a good option for permanent structures. However, you might not always want or be able to use the material.

Before you invest in concrete to help anchor your shed, consider why you should avoid it. Then, you’ll know if you need to search for alternatives.

Here are a few reasons you may not want to use concrete to anchor a shed.

More Flexible

As mentioned, a concrete foundation is permanent. That means you need to be extra sure you won’t want to move your shed later on.

Some people may know exactly where to place the shed. However, you might want to experiment with the location after you build the structure.

Or maybe you know your current home isn’t your forever home. If you want the option of taking your shed with you, using a temporary anchor is better.

An Existing Shed

Using concrete as the anchor is often easier with new builds. If you already have a shed and need to place it somewhere, consider other options for the anchor.

You can consider the material of the shed because some materials can still work with concrete. But if you can’t easily put it in a new foundation, other methods are better.

Of course, you could take the shed apart and rebuild it. Then, you could use concrete if you really want to, but that might be too much of a hassle for some people.

Save Money

Concrete and the cost to install it can get expensive. You might need to hire someone to place the concrete and set up your shed for you.

If you’re on a tight budget, other anchors are more economical. Sure, one auger-style anchor can cost around $30, so you may need to spend $120 to secure a small shed.

However, $120 is almost the cost of a cubic yard of concrete. You’d also need to pay $50 an hour or more for a professional to install the foundation, so anchors may cost less overall.

How to Use Auger-Style Shed Anchors

Auger-style shed anchors are the most common alternative to concrete. You can screw the anchors into the ground, and they can go multiple feet deep to provide extra security.

Then, you’ll have loops that stick out of the ground. Get some cable or other thick straps that can reach over the top of the shed.

You’ll place one anchor in the ground and the second on the opposite side of the shed. Then, the cable needs to be long enough to go over the structure.

Make sure there’s also enough length to tie the cable into place. You’ll want to have at least two cables securing the shed, but you may need a third if your shed is longer.

Do You Need to Anchor a Shed?

You could get away with not anchoring your shed, but that’s not a good idea. If you don’t anchor your shed, it could tip over or even blow away during a major storm.

Even a singular gust of wind could knock your shed around. It may not fall over, but the things inside your shed could roll around.

A permanent foundation isn’t necessary, but you need something to keep the shed in place. That way, you can protect yourself, your neighbors, and the belongings you want to keep in the shed.

How Many Anchors Should You Use?

You may need to add more anchors depending on your shed and how windy it gets where you live. If your shed is small and square, two pairs of anchors should work well.

Place one pair on the front end and the other near the back. If your shed is more rectangular, it’s not a bad idea to place a third pair of anchors near the middle.

Maybe you notice the shed moves back and forth on a windy day. That’s a good sign you should add an extra pair of anchors and a new cable over it.

Of course, make sure you don’t place your anchors and cables in front of the door. The sides are usually a good place to start. If you need more support, you may want to look into using concrete.

Can You Anchor a Shed Without Concrete?

You can anchor a shed without concrete. The best alternative is to use auger-style shed anchors. They go deep in the ground on either side of your shed, and you tie a cable or strap over the top of the shed and connect the strap to either anchor. Be sure to use enough anchors for the size of your shed and the wind conditions where you live.