When asking the leading luxury home builders in the U.S.A., about how to build a luxury home, they describe the following: true luxury home are largely a matter of good taste, controlled extravagance and unique design. Price and size are not directly relevant to luxury homes. Below is a how to build a luxury home breakdown.

How to Build a Luxury Home Breakdown

How to Build a Luxury Home Breakdown: The Location and Lot
Luxury homes must be built in a picturesque and amazing location. Expensive tract homes are not luxury homes, no matter how much they cost. Luxury homes need a backdrop. They should be located near of a body of water, or amid an amazing forest, a spectacular mountain view or possibly near a very exclusive golf course. Luxury homes can also be built in resort towns, fabulous gated communities or on isolated high ground overlooking a city. Within a city or suburb, the home must have the ‘right address,’ in an exclusive neighborhood. A true luxury home must offer both a spectacular view and some exciting activities and attractions nearby. Location is very important to a luxury home, because it is the most important aspect of any house.

How to Build a Luxury Home Breakdown: The Architecture

A true luxury home has architectural significance. It must have had a skillful architect and be completely unique. Unlike other types of homes where budget is a factor, a luxury home must be a work of art, designed by an architectural master, and created only once. It must have distinct design features which set it apart from other homes. It is the total antithesis of a tract home. In a community of tract homes, all the houses look very similar and are made to blend with one another. They all have similar floor plans, and the same basic design. A true luxury home may have a slightly similar style to other homes, but it must above all be so unique that it is easily recognized from any other home.

How to Build a Luxury Home Breakdown: The Artistry of Details

Luxury homes not only need an artistic overall design, they also have to contain a lot of artistry in the details. Fabulous spiral stairways, amazing fireplaces with hand carved mantles and unique sculptures in wood, stone and tile, are all parts of creating a true luxury home. Small details, both inside and out, spell quality. The overall concept must be unified into one amazing unique look that creates a concept, which is also expressed on the exterior.

How to Build a Luxury Home Breakdown: The Building Materials

Luxury homes must be created from superior materials. They must be strong and enduring. If it isn’t still standing in 200 years then it was never a luxury home to begin with. Luxury homes are like the ancient castles, and must have a nearly indestructible lasting feel. Stone, wood, concrete, steel and other lasting materials should be used liberally to create a powerful structure made to endure the centuries. If wood is used, it must be of a heavier weight and stronger nature than common lumber, at least 2 by 6 inches and preferably of naturally grown harder woods. Oak and locus wood are both excellent choices.

How to Build a Luxury Home Breakdown: The Finishes

Amazing crown moldings, real stone countertops, hand crafted cabinetry, and built in wall storage units are all part of the luxury experience. Fixtures and appliances must be extraordinary as well. Nothing stock from a home improvement store will do. Showers should be designed, not just bought. The kitchen sink should be of copper, stone, or other unique material and character. Each element should be chosen to contribute to this unique work of art which will be your home.

How to Build a Luxury Home Breakdown: Size

Size is completely irrelevant to luxury. Once, size was considered as part of luxury, but that has changed. It is now fashionable to build small green luxury homes. Homes of 5000 square feet or more are considered to be wastefully overstated, and are one of the marks of a true Mc-mansion. Luxury homes of less than 1000 square feet have been designed. Optimal luxury home size is considered to be between 2000 and 4000 square feet for new construction.

True luxury homes are largely a matter of good taste, controlled extravagance and unique design. Price and size are not directly relevant to luxury homes. It is permissible to use a good but unknown architect, and less than famous artists and craftsmen to create your home, provided they are talented. Often recent graduates from schools of architecture can produce your work for less. They may offer a fresh look which a seasoned architect may not have. Unique green materials may save on the overall price, while providing a more durable home and a unique quality. Insulated concrete panels, amazingly inexpensive artistic finds or unusual use of materials may provide a unique quality without adding to cost. A home doesn’t have to cost a lot to be a luxury home, and paying a huge price does not guarantee luxury or value. Creativity is the key to true luxury when deciding how to build a luxury home.

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