The most important step to building a great home is discovering how to find a registered builder. It is also the simplest step. Most home builders are registered with their local Home Builders Association. Your local Home Builders Association keeps a list of all the Registered Home Builders in your area. Most Home Builders Associations list all their registered builders on their website.

How to Find a Registered Builder: What is the Association of Home Builders?

Since 1942 The National Home Builders Association NHBA is the trade organization of for all homebuilders. There are chapters in every county as well as all major cities. Members of the Home Builders Association are professional builders and remodelers. Any member of the local HBA are automatically members on a state and national level as well. There is an exhaustive list of state and local HBA chapters listed by state on the NHBA website, in case you have trouble finding the HBA nearest you.

How to Find a Registered Builder: What if Your Local HBA does not have a Registration Program?

Not all local HBA groups have a registration program, at least not yet. If your area does not have the program, they probably do have many members that would qualify easily, if the program had been developed by the group. All HBA websites do have a list of members. If there are no registered builders yet in your area, check the HBA membership list and do research on those builders. Membership in the HBA does define a builder as a serious builder in the area. There are often awards to some of the top builders also featured on the HBA sites, and additional information about the participation of some of the members in various projects. You may also contact your local HBA president and ask for recommendations.

How to Find a Registered Builder: What are the Requirements to Become Registered Home Builder?

Registered Home Builders are experienced, competent home builders that have completed the training program offered by the Home Builder’s Association. Requirements vary slightly by area, but typical requirements include:
• Membership in good standing of the Home Builders Association
• Years of experience in either home or commercial construction
• Full time professional builder
• Must offer a satisfactory warranty to all clients
• Must carry Worker’s Compensation Insurance
• Must maintain at least $250,00 in liability insurance
• Must submit 3 letters of reference from several previous customers
• Must submit a letter of reference from at least one financial institution
• Must submit 3 written references or endorsements from construction related vendors, suppliers or subcontractors.
• Must be sponsored by other Registered Builders familiar with his or her work
• Good credit history
• Must have a personal interview with the committee of Registered Builders
• Abides by the strict Code of Ethics of the Home Builder’s Association
• Must participate in significant continuing education

How to Find a Registered Builder: What it Means to be a Registered Home Builder

While membership in the Home Builders Association is a sign of quality, it is still fairly inclusive of all local homebuilders. Being a Registered Home Builder sets those members apart as experienced, professional and reputable homebuilders. The Association of Homebuilders has created this registration as a means of recommending the best builders without being overly selective of their general membership. This gives them the opportunity to know applicants for the registered program and evaluate them. The requirements for acceptance in the Home Builder’s Association, Registered Home Builder program is rigorous. Most local chapters of the Home Builder’s Association require 20 hours of college level coursework to be accepted, in addition to the above requirements.

Your local association of home builders knows how to find a registered builder, and offers a list of them on their website. If your local Home Builders Association does not have the registration program, they do have a list of local builders to choose from. For more information on how to find a registered builder, download our 98 page free book, and see the other articles on this site.

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