The creative use of ideas for building a home can save money and make your house more beautiful and enjoyable. Have a few brainstorming sessions with friends and family members, to come up with unique styles and features. Some ideas might be home improvement projects after the main construction is complete, while others might define the style and structure of the home. Here are a few ideas for unique construction, but for even more ideas download our 98 page free guide, and read the rest of the articles on this site.

Creative Ideas for Building a Home

Creative Ideas for Building a Home: Build a Gambrel Roof for a More Practical Attic
A gambrel roof is commonly known as a barn roof. It consists of two different slopes. The lower slope is steep forming the walls of the upper floor, while the upper slope is usually a 20 to 35 degrees, and adds very little extra height to the structure. It saves money and makes more space in several ways.

• Today most home roofs are built with trusses and a gambrel roof can also be builit with trusses on top, but the trusses can be 4 to 6 foot shorter than the width of the footprint of the home.

• The upper floor requires less siding, and more roofing materials. In general roofing materials are cheaper than siding.

• A standard attic is costly to frame, and wastes a lot of space on the sides. The gambrel roof can provide a space that is only four to six feet narrower than the lower dimensions.

• It’s much cheaper and easier to add a dormer to a gambrel roof.

Creative Ideas for Building a Home: Used Shipping Containers for Low Cost Square Footage

Incorporating used shipping containers into your design can lower the price of construction considerably. Used shipping containers can be stacked, set side by side, or parallel to each other with a space in between which can be connected by walls a floor and a roof. Used shipping containers can be purchased for as little as $2000 each for an 8 by 40 foot container. That is 6.25 per square foot. Of course you will want to cut openings, and install windows and doors. You may also want to add a roof or even cover them with siding eventually, but it doesn’t have to be done right away. Even with improvements used shipping containers are highly economical.

Creative Ideas for Building a Home: Copying and Modernizing Ancient Methods with Insulated Concrete

One of the most fascinating and long lasting styles of architecture every used for average homes is typified in the white villages of Andalusia. Known for their smooth whitewashed facades these thick walled structures have stood since the 13th century, which is a long time for a home. Their thick walls and plain surfaces lend well to replacing the historic materials with insulated concrete panels (ICP.) If you’ve been wondering how one could accommodate those thick walls into a house plan, for a very small home, you should look at how the ancient moors did it.

The tall slender white homes of “pueblo blanco” have walls over a foot thick. Because of this they have deep windowsills, which are often covered with tile like tiled countertops. Their tiny but efficient kitchens have been modernized, but are very modest by western standards. They also feature burrowed out cubbies nestled in thick walls. They are extremely narrow, made to line streets, but are usually two three or even four stories tall. From a distance they give the impression of stacked sugar cubes of different height. They are amazingly unique and yet uniform in style and color. The feature arched windows and doorways, but otherwise tend to be rectangular and generally taller than they are wide. Their windows are usually barred to keep out intruders during the many historic raids, but this application is also good for modern security. Their narrow stairwells are a lesson in both beauty and space economy. A few townhouse style communities in the United States have already taken up the theme of the white village, but they are still very rare here.

Creative Ideas for Building a Home: ICP Castles

Towers and castles have captured the imagination of children for centuries. Unfortunately modern architectural methods have made round towers difficult and costly. Today’s ICP companies offer curved pieces so that round towers can be constructed economically in modern times. This is a wonderful opportunity to add some drama or whimsy to your architecture. Let your imagination flow with curved ICP.

Creative Ideas for Building a Home: Arched Windows and Doorways

For over a thousand years, arches and vaults graced homes, cathedrals and castles, but the modern period of architecture, dictated that square was so much easier. With today’s insulated concrete materials any shape is possible. Several window companies also offer arched thermal windows with modern triple pane technology, and classical styling. Make your home stand out with arched windows and doorways.

Above all allow your creativity to flow when designing a custom home. Unique architecture is vastly more enjoyable to live in than having a home that looks just like the one next door. These are just a few of our many ideas for building a home.

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