Collecting information on building a home is the first step in the entire process of building a new home. Preparing yourself to deal with contractors and home builders, select a style and floor plan for a home you plan to live in for a long time, requires a lot of thought and research. In my mind the one key thing you should do before contacting home builders and contractors is research, because I feel this research is vital to getting the home you want. If you are serious about building your own home, start now with a notebook, journal or scrap book. Collect information on building a home which you will use to determine exactly what you want, and keep your home on track throughout the building and selection processes. I’ve put together some tips on the type of information on building a home you should be collecting as you thing about the what you want your new home to be like.

Information on Building a Home Tips

Information on Building a Home Tip One: Bringing your Daydreams to Light with Journaling
It is so easy for mental images to become nebulous, and change without our realizing it. By building a scrap book of magazine clippings, images from the web, and your own drawings you will be able to not only understand what you want better, you’ll be better able to explain it to your contractor or home builder. The more definite your ideas are going into the building process, the more likely you are to be pleased with the final design on your project.

Information on Building a Home Tip Two: Collect Information on Home Site Locations You Might Consider
Gather information on lots available in your area. Find out about school districts, and other community perks of each area, and start defining the type of location you want. Have a contractor or home builder visit the sites you are considering before you make your final choice and purchase land. They may spot problems you missed, that would make the project too costly. Remember unless city or community water and sewer are offered you will be responsible for that. Making sure that a well and septic will work on the land is a part of the building lot inspection best left to experts recommended by your home builder or contractor.

For more information on selecting a building site check out my article Building Lots: Finding Land to Build On.

Information on Building a Home Tip Three: Collect Information on Floor Plans, and Kitchen Layout
In order to understand how to make a house plan you have to first find out the normal ways in which people live in their homes. Then you have to consider how your family might be different. Young couples who have recently married are at a slight disadvantage in designing a new home, because they do not yet know what it will be like once they have children, spending hours cooking in a kitchen. The only way to compensate for lack of experience is research, and planning. It requires some frank conversations between mates about everything from neatness and organization, to family planning. Predicting your lifestyle over the course of your life is somewhat difficult, but it can be done. Speak to some older couples about your new home plans to see what difficulties they have encountered, with their kitchens, bedrooms, and living rooms as their family grew.

Information on Building a Home Tip Four: Study Home Construction
Read articles about home construction, and learn what exactly it entails. Gather information on building a home. Study the procedure of creating a house. Learn about typical building materials in your area, and learn which home construction techniques are most economical, and which are highest quality. Visit a few home construction sites to observe how things are done. Download the free guide in the upper right corner of this site on new home building. You’ll love it.

Information on Building a Home Tip Five: Finding a Contractor or Home Builder
Once you have a firm grasp of home construction, and a definite picture of how you want your home to look, it is time to start researching contractors and home builders. Compare your home building journal to the work of each contractor or home builder. Interview people who have homes built by each contractor or home builder you are seriously considering. Before you make your final choice, ask for the names of older clients, who have had their home for several years. Most contractors will give you the names of recent clients, but see if they will give you the name of someone who has lived in one of their homes for years. See if you can come over and tour a home that is three to five years old for example. It’s quite an imposition to ask, but you are making a huge commitment. It’s a good idea to see how these homes hold up. You might want to check out my article called How to Find a Builder for more information.

As you select your home building contractor and begin the selection process of picking building materials, siding and cabinetry your home building journal will become invaluable in keeping you on tract with what you want. The information on building a new home which you collected from the beginning will be useful throughout the building process as you watch your dream home become a reality.

Let’s do a quick information on building a home recap…

Information on Building a Home Overview:

1. When you make the decision home building might be right for you start collecting information on building a home in a journal or scrap book.
2. Gather information on lots available in your area. Find out about school districts, and other community perks of each area, and start defining the type of location you want.
3. Consider how you and your family will live in the home. Start sketching floor plans based on your lifestyle.
4. Study as much as you can about home construction. You can never be over educated or informed. Download the free New Home Steps Guide above and become smart on home building from start to finish.
5. Start looking for contractors or home builders who make a good match for the type of home you are considering.

Let me know if you have any questions. I hope you found this article on collecting information of building a home useful.

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