Is Ipswich A Good Place To Live?


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Have you ever asked yourself: “Is Ipswich a good place to live?

Well you’re not alone.This charming town nestled in Suffolk England has become an object of curiosity for many.

Is it the rich history that piques interest?Could it be Ipswich’s beautiful coastline decorated with idyllic views?Or perhaps it’s the thriving local economy and affordable living standards.

However as dreamy as it sounds it’s also critical to unravel some potential drawbacks before packing your suitcases.

So what might these drawbacks be?Stay with us as we dive deeper into the town’s less explored corners.

Is Ipswich A Good Place To Live

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Is Ipswich A Good Place To Live?

Yes Ipswich a quaint New England town part of the Boston area is considered a good place to live. Thanks to a strong economy low crime rates and excellent local amenities.

It offers a good quality of life to its residents.

On both the national and state levels Ipswich enjoys a higher livability rating often attributed to its affordability safety diverse job availability and rich cultural landscape. Ipswich caters to a diverse range of industries including manufacturing healthcare and education ensuring a strong and healthy economy.

The livability of Ipswich is further enhanced by its top-rated schools stable housing market access to parks and cultural attractions and abundance of well-preserved 17th and 18th-century houses. The historic charm of Ipswich including period pieces like the 1640 Hart House has been well-preserved by the Ipswich Historical Commission.

New England charm aside Ipswich is also known for its fresh seafood particularly the fried clams served at local favorite The 1640 Hart House. No wonder Ipswich is always mentioned as an excellent family-friendly place to live.

Population And Growth

Boasting a population of over 130000 people Ipswich has seen significant growth in recent years. With a 20% increase in population size since 2010 it is evident that more people are recognizing the benefits of living in this North Shore town.

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The city has seen a steady growth of new residents survivors of the economic conditions it offers and the diverse options available in terms of jobs education healthcare and the quality of life.

The median age in Ipswich is 48 years a clear indication of a stable and prosperous population that consists of middle-aged adults highly contributing to the strong economy and the city’s overall happiness.

The city’s gender balance further enhances its stability by ensuring a diverse and inclusive community. Ipswich living up to its reputation continues to be a live work and play haven for both individuals and families.

While population & growth on their own may not be the determinant of a good place to live Ipswich’s growth is suggestive of the increasing number of individuals who find the city to be a safe and prosperous place to settle down.

Pros And Cons Of Living In Ipswich

Ipswich is a North Shore town popularly known for its beautiful scenery and historical charm. Its affordability and robust job availability make it an attractive place for families and professionals.

One of the major advantages is the good education system. The schools in Ipswich assessed by the GreatSchools rating scale receive esteemable reviews.

Ipswich High School for example was granted a 6.5 rating.

Enjoyment of fresh seafood is another perk of living in Ipswich considering the city’s popular seafood restaurant The 1640 Hart House. The Ipswich Ale Brewery is another notable spot for residents.

On the downside some residents highlight the age demographic as a drawback. With a median age of 48 years it might not be the ideal environment for younger individuals deepening roots.

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Another challenge though not exclusive to Ipswich is the gender imbalance among the population. Such disparities can impact the social and economic conditions in a city.


The city of Ipswich in the state of Massachusetts is a small city with its population slightly over 4000. Over the past five years the population has grown by 2.7%.

By understanding the demographics one can appreciate the city’s diversity and cultural richness. Different ethnic backgrounds religions and cultures coexist in Ipswich contributing to the city’s inclusive atmosphere.

Most of the residents are middle aged adults with a median age of 48 years. As such there is a significant number of families and working professionals in the area.

Income distribution aligns fairly well with the national average. The median household income is $65000 per year which enables residents to maintain their living standards.

Gender balance in Ipswich though is not equal. Its specific impact on the city’s social aspects is subjective and depends on various factors.

Recent Insights About Ipswich

Ipswich is a highly desirable location to live due to its low crime rates and a strong and healthy economy. With a population above 130000 people Ipswich continues to grow at an exceptional pace with a growth rate of 20% since 2010.

This vibrant small city in Massachusetts has a diverse selection of industries and businesses contributing to its robust economy such as manufacturing health care and education. The median household income in Ipswich stands at a stable $65000 annually.

A Growing City With Amenities to Match

Ipswich has invested $500 million into infrastructure development which included road development plans and other similar projects. The city also offers a high quality of life with easy access to green spaces shopping centers and various cultural attractions.

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Employment and Education

The unemployment rate in Ipswich is considerably low with only 4% of the population being unemployed. The education system comprising of several prestigious schools has a high graduation rate ensuring an educated population.

Strong Housing Market

The local housing market is quite strong with an average home price of $350000. This means there is plenty of opportunities for both first-time home buyers and seasoned property investors alike.

City Scores And Ratings

Overall Scores

The overall livability rating for Ipswich is a whopping 68/100. With an excellent cost of living average crime rate and great educational opportunities this city is one that is worth your consideration.

Small City with Stable Growth

Though small in size boasting a population of roughly 4384 Ipswich has witnessed a steady growth in its population with a growth rate of 2.7% over the past five years. The current median age in Ipswich is 48 years.

Lower Poverty Rates

Compared to other cities in the U.S Ipswich has a much lower poverty rate which is an indication of its stable economic conditions.

A Balanced Gender Ratio

The social aspects of any city can be greatly impacted by its gender ratio. Generally the impact depends on specific city conditions.

However a balanced number of male and female residents often points towards a prosperous and stable city like Ipswich.

Table: Ipswich Vital Information

Data Information
City’s Population Above 130000
Median Household Income $65000 per year
Unemployment Rate 4%
Average Home Price $350000
Livability Rating 68/100
City’s Size Population 4384
Median Age 48
Poverty Level Lower than U.S. Average
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