Is TruGreen Worth It?


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If you are looking for a lawn care service for your grass, you may be wondering if TruGreen is all that it sounds like. Is TruGreen really worth it, or is it not as good as people say it is? Should you try out TruGreen or go with a local company instead?

These are common questions as you have many options, when it comes to having your lawn done. There are all kinds of lawn care companies out there that would be more than hap[py to do the job.

Keep reading to find out whether or not TruGreen is worth the money and if it is a good company to go with for your lawn.

trugreen worth it?

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Is TruGreen Worth the Money?

TruGreen is an extremely popular lawn care company that is used by many people looking for affordable lawn care. It offers some of the best prices and offers all kinds of options, making it a great option for most people.

The thing about TruGreen is that it does have a pretty long list of complaints, something bound to happen when you have so many customers. Though many people have had some valid complaints about the company.

Some of the most common issues with TruGreen include:

  • Spamming
  • Killing flowers
  • Not doing the entire job
  • Doing poor quality work

These are some of the most common complaints that all lawn care companies get. It is bound to happen as they take on more and more customers.

Because TruGreen is such a big company, reviews will vary by the location. So the TruGreen in your area may be exceptional, while the TruGreen three hours away may be known for doing a poor job.

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This is why it can be hard to know if TruGreen is the right fit for your lawn. Especially if the reviews are very mixed in your area.

Many people have had an excellent experience with TruGreen, however, so it is worth trying out for yourself to see what you think.

How Does TruGreen Work?

TruGreen is a lawn care service that makes the process incredibly easy for its customers. You typically choose a schedule, and TruGreen will stick to that schedule until you cancel it.

This means that your lawn care will be fully automatic as you don’t have to schedule trimmings or call them up. TruGreen sends point workers year-round so that you can keep your yard looking beautiful and clean all the time.

This is an excellent option if you just don’t have the time to bother with your lawn’s maintenance. TruGreen takes full responsibility and will take care of your lawn like clockwork.

It is also very easy to schedule just what you want, whether that be grass cutting, mulching, weeding, fertilizing, and more.

Can I Cancel TruGreen?

Many people worry about starting a plan with TruGreen as things can be easy to get roped into and hard to cancel. If you decide that you don’t like TruGreen or just don’t need lawn care anymore, the good thing is that you can cancel.

You can cancel at any time by calling or emailing the TruGreen support team. It is fastest to go with doing this by email as the line is often full of other callers.

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TruGreen is a large company and regularly has to have people wait on the phone. If this doesn’t sound appealing to you, it would be simpler to send an email asking to have your account canceled.

This will stop any further lawn care so that you are no longer charged by TruGreen. Though you can always restart your pan later on, if you change your mind or your lawn needs care again.

Some people choose to do this during summer once the weather has turned very hot, drying out the grass. Grass requires less maintenance during this time, and you may want to keep up on it yourself until it gets out of hand again.

Thankfully, TruGreen makes this simple to do, so you won’t be trapped in a plan that you no longer want or need.

How Often Should I Use TruGreen?

The typical schedule that TruGreen follows is to come out to your home every 4 to 6 weeks. This allows the grass to recover and begin to grow again and for any fertilizer or weed killers to take full effect.

Depending on what your yard needs, you may want to ask for help picking out just the right schedule. Things like the type of grass and what you want to be done will dictate how often they need to come out.

The time of the year will also impact this as you need more lawn care during spring and less during summer. Winter is also a slow time as plants aren’t growing and grass growth is usually completely stunted.

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These are things to consider when picking a schedule for your lawn care with TruGreen.

Is It Worth Hiring TruGreen?

If you are looking for a lawn care service, TruGreen could be a great option for you. This is a large company that offers a selection of lawn care and lawn maintenance options that can help your lawn to look its best.

Though the company has mixed reviews, it is worth trying out since it is one of the most affordable options. Especially if you need very regular lawn maintenance or want specialty maintenance added to your plan.

Even if you decide that you don’t like TruGreen, it makes it easy to cancel your plan at any time.

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