Is Zetland A Good Place To Live?


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Considering a move and wondering ‘Is Zetland a good place to live?

This vibrant suburb found in Sydney’s inner east attracts attention for many reasons.

It boasts an intriguing blend of history and modern luxury with its rich past and contemporary architecture.

Amenities like trendy cafes lush parks and easy access to CBD make it seemingly ideal.

But could there be hidden drawbacks that aren’t apparent at first glance?

Is Zetland A Good Place To Live

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Is Zetland Safe?

Zetland a charming suburb in Sydney Australia is indeed a very secure and safe place to live. With an incredibly low crime rate residents don’t hesitate to leave their cars and houses unlocked indicating a healthy level of confidence in the local community.

Friendly and helpful the well-to-do community mainly consists of university students and young professionals along with small families. As a rapidly-developed ‘pop-up suburb’ it’s populated by about 10000 people with an ethnically diverse background.

Transportation Options In Zetland

You’re never too far away from public transport in Zetland. The Green Square Train Station and several bus stops provide excellent public transport connectivity making travel to other parts of Sydney including the CBD a breeze.

For those who prefer cycling there are well-maintained dedicated cycle lanes ensuring a safe ride within the suburb and its vicinity. However it’s worth noting that night buses are not as frequent and peak hour can sometimes bring traffic issues.

Overall Zetland’s transportation system aids its reputation as an attractive and convenient location to live in.

Nearby Places

  • East Village Shopping Centre

  • Joynton Park

  • Moore Park

  • Sydney CBD

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Zetland’s Shopping and Dining Options

Zetland offers a range of shopping options a prominent one being East Village Shopping Centre. It also has a Tesco’s for grocery shopping.

East Village Shopping Centre

This modern shopping facility is the go-to spot for many locals. It houses a range of stores from clothing to electronics and grocery stores.

Dining Options

For foodies Zetland has some mouth-watering dining options although somewhat limited.

  • Asana
  • CBD office
  • Reuben Conroy

Zetland’s New Developments and Future Plans

Zetland considered a rapidly-developed ‘pop-up suburb’ faces many new developments.

New Apartments

Boasting modern design Zetland brings in new apartment buildings that offer a taste of modern city living.

Some of these apartments have come under scrutiny for not meeting the baseline construction standards.

Public Spaces and Roads

Zetland is known for its public spaces clean roads and shopping facilities.

Future Infrastructure Plans

Apart from the existing infrastructure there are plans for creating additional facilities to improve public transport connectivity and other amenities.

  • Increased train accessibility via Greensquare T8
  • Better bus routes with the addition of M20 and M3

Noise And Size Concerns In Zetland

With the rapid development of Zetland comes its modern apartments and a green environment. However there have been noise concerns raised by residents which largely stem from the ongoing construction and traffic problems.

The suburb which is a part of Inner East Sydney fulfills its promise of modern-day design and infrastructure. Yet the bustling activity can at times lead to increased noise levels.

  • Pleasant clean neighborhood
  • Proximity to CBD and other attractions
  • Transportation options are convenient with bus stops train stations and cycling lanes
  • The community is young and wealthy
  • Limited but decent shopping and dining options
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Concerns have also been raised about the size of apartments in Zetland. Despite the modern styling and contemporary decor some dwellings can appear small – especially for larger families.

This may play a factor in the suburb being perceived as not suitable for families.

Zetland’S Proximity To Cbd And Attractions

Zetland is conveniently situated close to the Sydney CBD. A major attraction for many considering a relocation to the suburb.

This proximity facilitates the commute for most working professionals attracting a young community of residents. The travel time to the CBD is about 30 minutes by car and just 8 minutes via public transport making Zetland a good place to live for young professionals and university students.

Transport Type Time to CBD
Car 30 minutes
Public Transport 8 minutes

Beyond the work commute Zetland has a range of attractions. These include the East Village Shopping Centre and Joynton Park.

The suburb’s favourable location also provides easy access to the North Shore Moore Park Supa Centre and beautiful beaches. Such facilities and attractions surely make Zetland a vibrant place to reside in.

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