It Cost To Build An App


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Have you ever wondered what it cost to build an app?

This seemingly straightforward question comes with a complex answer.

The process involves numerous variables and varying expenses.

Behind the scenes immense work goes into creating an application.

So the truth is there’s no solid ‘one-size-fits-all’ price.

It’s not as easy as just multiplying some arbitrary number of hours by a developer’s hourly rate.

Now let’s dive into the depths and discover what determines the cost of app development.

Why does it have such a wide price range?

It Cost To Build An App

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How Much Does It Cost To Build An App?

The cost to build an app can range from $5000 for a simple app to over $1 million for a high-end complex app. The exact cost depends on various factors such as the complexity platform and features of the app.

For instance developing a hybrid or web app generally costs around $13000 to $16000 while creating a single-platform app may cost between $8000 and $14000. Costs can further vary based on the region of development type of app and hiring of app developers.

Factors That Affect App Development Costs

Several factors contribute to the overall cost of app development. The complexity and features of the app are significant contributors with features like push notifications user profile creation and social login typically adding additional costs.

  • App type: Different types of apps like social media e-commerce and gaming apps have distinct development processes affecting the timeline and costs.
  • Development Region: The region where the app development takes place can also influence the cost. For example rates in North America and Western Europe are generally higher than in Eastern Europe and Asia.
  • Hiring option: Whether you hire an in-house team freelancers or an experienced development team through platforms like can significantly impact the budget.
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It’s also important to factor in hidden costs such as backend infrastructure third-party service integrations security features app store fees maintenance and marketing when budgeting for app development.

App Development Stages

The app development stages play a significant role in determining the final cost. Let’s delve into the different phases involved in creating an app:

  • Planning: This is the initial phase wherein the idea of the app is conceived and its requirements are laid out. This can cost from $1200 to $11000 depending on the complexity and the project’s initial analysis.
  • Design and Prototype: In this phase the visual aspect of your app is created; costs can fluctuate between $2500 to $10000.
  • App Coding: One of the most critical phases is app coding and its expenses can range from $2000 to $60000.
  • Testing: The final vital stage is testing the app for any flaws or errors which can cost from $2000 to $12000 per feature.
  • Project Management: The management of the app development process can add from $1200 to $12000 to your budget.

The features you select such as UI optimization for tablets localization chat adding mobile ads app analytics etc. can also alter the cost to develop an app.

App Maintenance Costs

When you consider the total app maintenance costs it is important to account for bug fixing security updates customer support and hosting. These charges can accumulate to 15% to 20% of the initial development cost per year.

The cost of app updates and maintenance alone typically range from $10000 to $14000 per year. These costs could vary based on the app’s size complexity and the number of platforms it is available on.

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It’s paramount to plan for these regular expenses while laying out the budget for your app. This is particularly crucial if your app has a lot of dynamic content that needs regular updates or if cloud hosting services like Cloudflare are being used which could contribute to extra costs.

App Stage Cost
Planning $1200-$11000
Design & Prototype $2500-$10000
App Coding $2000-$60000
Testing $2000-$12000 per feature
Project Management $1200-$12000
App Maintenance 15%-20% of initial cost annually

Keep in mind that these are average costs and can vary depending on your app’s specific requirements and the region in which your developers are based.

App Development Cost Calculators

App development cost calculators are tools designed to offer estimates on the cost of developing an app.

These calculators factor in various parameters that contribute to app development costs. These include elements such as features complexity region and stages of app development.

By utilising an app development cost calculator one can get a basic approximation of how much it might cost to develop an app. This can be particularly useful in the planning and budgeting phases of app development.

These cost calculators can provide insights into the average costs associated with app development in different regions such as North America Western Europe Eastern Europe and Asia.

They can even give an indication of potential costs associated with hiring different types of app developers for the project. Including in-house developers freelancers or an experienced development team.

It’s important to note however that these calculators only provide rough estimates. Actual costs can vary greatly depending on a slew of factors like design simplicity security features app maintenance costs and third-party service integrations for instance.

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Beyond development costs these calculators often take into account hidden costs. These include costs associated with backend infrastructure app store fees and marketing expenses.

Lastly app development cost calculators can help in exploring strategies to reduce app development costs. This may involve platform choice use of third-party APIs and planning for updates and maintenance.

Keep in mind that the results from these calculators should be used as a guiding tool and not the final financial decision for your app development project.

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