Labor Cost To Build Exterior Stairs


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When planning a home improvement project it’s important to consider the labor cost to build exterior stairs.

This cost can greatly impact your overall budget and should not be overlooked.

With varying costs for different materials design complexity and contractor fees the final sum can be quite significant.

But how can you accurately estimate this cost before beginning your project?

Labor Cost To Build Exterior Stairs

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Labor Cost For Stairs

The labor cost to build exterior stairs largely depends on the materials used nature of the project and the contractor hired for the task. On average for a deck contractor the hourly rate ranges from $35 to $85.

Particularly for wood deck stairs the average cost when professionally installed ranges from $115 to $210 per stair. If you’re preferring to go the DIY route expect to shell out $24 to $47 for each stair.

Stairs made of decorative aluminum stringers fiberglass or composite treads on decks cost approximately $170 to $250 per stair.

  • Decorative aluminum stringers – $170 to $250 per stair
  • Fiberglass treads – $170 to $250 per stair
  • Composite deck stairs – $170 to $250 per stair

Labor charges will also consider the labor-intensive nature of the work required influencing the final cost for the project. The average installation time for deck stairs is up to 1.5 days for stairs and railings.

Cost Of Exterior Stair Installation

Specifically for the average exterior stair installation costs range from $6344 to $9267 for 25 feet of stairs. The charges include a variety of factors such as labor materials and equipment usage.

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Remember that these estimates are for basic work using MID GRADE materials. Premium materials and high-level craftsmanship may increase the price.

The average cost per linear foot is typically between $253.77 to $370.68 varying on factors like contractor’s travel location and additional job-specific functionality or considerations.

It is important to note that the estimate does not involve costs for removing testing or remediating existing structures or hazardous materials. Overhead costs markup sales tax permit fees and inspection fees are also excluded.

  • Average cost per linear foot – $253.77 to $370.68
  • Total cost for 25 feet of stairs – $6344 to $9267

Potentially general contractor overhead and markup could add 13% to 22% to the total cost. Thus hiring local professionals is advisable for accurate assessments and favorable serviceable conditions.

Comparison Of Labor Costs For Building Exterior Stairs

The average cost of building wood deck stairs professionally is estimated to be between $115 and $210 per stair. On the other hand installing decorative aluminum stringers or fiberglass or composite treads on decks costs relatively higher; averaging between $170 and $250 per stair.

When considering DIY cost for deck stairs the amount falls between a range of $24 and $47 per stair. Overall the average cost per stair is $135.

The cost of deck stairs varies based on a number of factors. This can include the type of materials used the total number of steps required and who is performing the work.

For instance the price range for a deck stair project can be as low as $380 for a set of three to six wood steps. On the other end of the spectrum costs can exceed $1000 for larger projects or for stairs made of more expensive materials.

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The labor cost to install a stairway ranges from $5904 to $8744 while the cost of materials and supplies can vary between $377 and $429 for a 27-foot stairway. Lastly the specialty equipment allowance for the job falls between $63 and $94.

Faqs About Labor Costs For Exterior Stair Construction

What’s the average cost of deck stairs per linear foot?

The average cost per linear foot is anywhere from $253.77 to $370.68.

What’s the cost of materials and supplies for stairway installation?

For a 27-foot stairway required materials and supplies may cost between $377 to $429.

What does it mean by ‘specialty equipment allowance’?

The term ‘specialty equipment allowance’ refers to an estimate of specialty tools or items that may be needed for the task valued between $63 to $94 for a job.

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