Log home building costs can be confusing. It is important to read information carefully. Some log home kits contain only the logs. Other kits are designed to provide a shell kit. As shell kits go, they are not always the cheapest, but they are simple so if you have a family with strong backs you may be able to do most of the work yourself. I’d recommend that you get help to do the roof, and the foundation, and of course you will need a licensed electrician and probably a plumber.

Log Home Building Costs: Cost Per Square Foot

The cost of building a completed log home varies from $60 per square foot, on up to $110 per square foot, including labor, and most of this has nothing to do with quality. Much of it has to do with the location of the company you order the kit from. Kits from the southeastern U.S. and other areas with plenty of white pine, cost a lot less than kits in some other areas.

Log Home Building Costs: What Does the Kit Contain?

• Some kits contain only logs, they aren’t even shells. They just supply the walls. There are no doors, no windows no roof and no flooring or foundation.
• Other kits are basically shells. They offer a roof, a floor, doors and windows as well as your log walls.
• There are also log builders who will take your home to completion just like any other contractor. Some of these builders even offer their own financing.
• You have to read the fine print, because most kits don’t include a foundation of any type. That will be your responsibility to provide.

Log Home Building Costs: Financing

Some Log Home Companies offer their own financing. One touted 3.5% interest rates, $4000 down and $859 per month about $100 of which was mortgage insurance. There are not a lot of loan companies willing to take a mortgage loan with only $4000 down. This would be an excellent way to get into a home if you don’t have a lot of savings.

Log Home Building Costs: Savings on Labor

Many of these kits go up in days, so it’s an easy savings on labor on the shell. You may be able to do much of the labor yourself, as well. Many companies offer installation at a very reasonable price. Since these workers are accustomed to building log homes, it doesn’t take them as long to put up the house.

Log Home Building Costs: Savings on Utilities

While logs are not the absolute most energy efficient structures they do provide an overall R – value of 30 to 40. This is really not bad. Unless you plan to go with the absolute best in insulated concrete panels, this is probably one of the best energy efficiency values you will find.

Log Home Building Costs: Save with Log Panels

Log Panels are not really logs. They are boards only about an inch thick, like clapboard, attached to two by four studs. They are quite inexpensive. You will need to provide your own insulation and dry wall though, and so when comparing the prices remember to include the cost of insulation and dry wall in order to compare it to a log kit. The price does include windows and doors however. Log Panel homes cost only $21 per square foot installed, but you must realize that they are only a shell, with no insulation or dry wall included.

Log homes are durable, energy efficient, and if you shop around for the best price they can be economical. Looking for the best price, on top quality can be tricky. It will take quite a bit of searching to make sure you have the best deal and that everything you want included in your package is included. Some log homes also include great financing packages, with low down payments. Finding the lowest log home building costs can be challenging, but with a little effort you can find a great deal.

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