Long Ez Cost To Build


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Many aviation enthusiasts have wondered about the long ez cost to build.

This unique homemade aircraft design has garnered attention for its sleek look and impressive capabilities.

But just how much does it truly cost to take this project from blueprint to runway?

Get ready for a deep dive into the financial requirements of this DIY aviation adventure.

Could the financial impact be more than you anticipated?

Long Ez Cost To Build

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Long Ez Cost

Estimated cost to build a Long EZ from scratch ranges from $50000 to $90000. The overall expense accounts for various components such as the airframe engine and avionics panel.

The process can be lengthy as the overall construction time can hit between 2000 to 5000 hours or potentially stretch over a period of 2 to 30 years. However it’s worth noting that the overall cost to build can vary based on personal preferences the bells and whistles you’d like to add and whether you’re opting for new or salvaged parts.

Building Expenses

The cost of building a Long EZ is split into several parts. Airframe parts and engine parts being a major chunk of the expenses.

  • Wood kit: $356.32
  • Hardware kit: $362.49
  • Plumbing & conduits kit: $104.75
  • Miscellaneous items kit: $1273.40
  • Long-EZ exhaust system: $1748.00-$2595.00

The raw materials and parts can be ordered from Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Co. by calling 1-877-4-SPRUCE or 877-477-7823 or via email at info@aircraftspruce.com. Adding items to your cart and then proceeding to checkout when ready to finalize your order.

If you are looking to cut costs another option is to buy a used Long EZ and then refurbish it to your preferences. Used Long-ez aircraft often sell for much less than the cost to build a new one potentially offering you a lot of ‘bang for the buck’.

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Please note that financial resources to build maintain and fly a Long-EZ can vary.

Time Investment

If you’re planning to build a Long-EZ from scratch it would be critical to understand the time it requires to complete the project. According to 2019 data this considerably varies between 2000 to 5000 hours.

This equates to a wide range of 2 to 30 years depending on the amount of time dedicated to it each day. However this time investment could be lessened by purchasing a used Long EZ.

Resources available on The Long-EZ can be invaluable for builders new to the homebuilt aircraft community. These resources include the plans newsletters Central States Association and the EAA.

In addition online platforms such as EZ.Org Canard Aviators email list and Facebook Long-EZ Builders and Pilots group provide a vast amount of information.

Buying Used

Purchasing a used Long-EZ can be a cost-effective way to enjoy the flying Long-Eze experience without the extensive time investment. It is not uncommon to find a used Long-EZ in good condition sold for around $30000.

Used Long-EZs present opportunities for customization according to personal preferences. Moreover these aircraft are compatible with different engines with the flexibility for Vari-EZ engine installation.

Steps such as retrofitting full retracts from a Berkut into a Long-EZ are feasible and offer the bells and whistles of more expensive models.

Used Long-EZs also contribute to learning and maintaining flight skills. Transition training from a conventional aircraft like a Cessna to a canard airplane such as a Long EZ is beneficial for builders to ensure safe flying and remarkable long-range flight experiences.

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Transition Training

Transitioning to a canard airplane like the Long EZ from a conventional aircraft such as a Cessna is advised for safer flying. According to the Experimental Aviation association high-quality transition training can significantly improve pilot safety and performance.

Understanding the distinctive features of the Long EZ is crucial in this transition. The semi-reclined seat side-stick controller and the twin tail’s wingtip rudders that act as auxiliary airbrakes are unique features requiring specific training.

For instance unlike conventional aircraft the Long-EZ will not stall in the traditional manner. Instead the front wing stalls and the nose lowers automatically to regain speed.

Multiple resources such as the Central States Association The Plans The Newsletters and online platforms like EZ.org Canard Aviators Yahoo email list and Facebook Long-EZ Builders and Pilots group provide valuable insights into this transition process.

While a used Long EZ can always be bought for a lower cost and customized the experience and learning gained from building a Long-EZ from a Berkut kit or even scratch is unparalleled.

Getting hands-on with components like handles control arms bushings bearings and even the plumbing & conduits kit can make the pilot more familiar with the aircraft’s mechanics and systems.

Just remember patience is key! Building a Long EZ can take anywhere from 2000 to 5000 hours or between 2 to 30 years with the cost ranging from $50000 to $90000.

However the experiences and skills gained during this process are invaluable adding more bang for the buck.

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