Lowes Shed Installation Cost


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If you’re considering installing a new shed in your yard knowing the Lowes shed installation cost can be of great advantage.

Installing a shed isn’t merely about finding the right model – it’s also about fitting under your budget.

It’s essential to consider installation costs including those from reputable service providers such as Lowes.

But how much can you really expect to pay for this type of service?

Lowes Shed Installation Cost

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Lowes Shed Installation Cost

Lowes offers an affordable and reliable shed installation service available nationwide. The average installation cost that customers can expect to pay lies around $499.

This fee typically takes into account both labor and materials necessary to install the shed. Sheds at Lowes are available in a variety of sizes such as 10×10 10×12 10×14 and larger like 12×12 storage sheds and 2 story sheds.

Styles vary from wooden sheds steel sheds to outdoor storage cabinets giving customers a wide array of options to choose from.

Additional costs may occur if site preparation works are necessary like leveling the ground or removing existing structures. It is the customer’s responsibility to obtain any permits required for the installation.

It should also be noted that while Lowes shed installation price is fairly standardized the total cost can vary due to factors like the specific model of the shed its size and the locality code of the installation site.

Shed Installation Pricing

The range of shed installation costs can be wide mainly driven by the size and material of the shed DIY project or a professional service. Simple sheds like an 8×8 wood shed or a 10×10 she shed may cost less to install than a larger Heartland 10×12 shed.

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On Lowes.com you may find sheds with prices ranging from $800 to $1500 for a one-person assembly. The cost for professional installation on the other hand can lie anywhere between $750 and $1250 while Lowes offers a shed installation program with costs ranging anywhere from $800 to $4000 depending on the size and material of the shed.

The choice of store is also relevant so it’s a good idea to choose a reputable store that specializes in sheds for installation services. If you choose to embark on a DIY shed project costs can also range between $800 and $4000 depending on material and size of shed.

It’s also important to bear in mind that estimates for labor installation can be approximately half the price of the shed so budget accordingly.

Shed Assembly Fees

At Lowes customers can have their sheds installed for a fee of $499. This cost covers both the labor and the necessary materials for the assembly.

And although the company offers an array of sheds in different sizes such as the 10×10 she shed the 10×14 shed and the 12×12 storage shed they ensure each structure’s assembly remains consistent in terms of quality.

The installation process typically takes around 3-5 hours. And with Lowes customers can enjoy an additional benefit of a one-year labor warranty provided for every shed installation.

Furthermore customers are given the liberty to schedule the installation at their most convenient time.

Cost Of Installing A Shed

The overall cost of having a shed installed in your area can vary greatly. It largely depends on factors such as shed size and material which may typically range between $800 to $1500 for a basic installation.

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However if additional customization options such as windows shelving ramps paint colors and weathervanes are included the cost may increase.

Two popular shed options are the Heartland shed and the galvanized steel EZEE shed. For instance the cost of the Heartland 10×12 Stateman shed starts at $2700 not including additional features like shelving and special shingles.

  • Alternatively choosing a DIY project shed can cost anywhere between $800 and $4000 depending on your chosen size and materials.
  • It’s worth noting that some sites may require further preparation such as leveling which may result in additional charges.
  • Moreover customers are responsible for obtaining the necessary permits.

Lowes Shed Installation Rates

Lowes offers a comprehensive shed installation service including a range of sizes styles and materials for customers to choose from. The average installation cost is $499 which includes the labor and materials necessary for the project.

While this is a ballpark figure the total cost can vary due to additional site preparation such as ground leveling or clearing existing structures which may incur extra charges.

The 10×10 she shed 10×12 shed 10×14 shed and the 10×8 shed are popular options amongst customers. Sizes such as the 12×12 storage shed and 2 story sheds are also available.

Wooden sheds and galvanized steel buildings such as the EZEE Sheds are common material choices.

The installation process usually takes about 3 to 5 hours depending on the size and complexity of the shed. Additionally customers are responsible for securing any required permits before installation.

Installation scheduling is flexible with Lowes ensuring a convenient time can be arranged for every customer. Location does not restrict this service as it is available nationwide across all Lowes stores.

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Different sheds like generator sheds or garbages can storage sheds accommodate various storage needs. Consultations for visual consideration can be arranged through Virtual IHCs and Microsoft template meetings to ensure customer satisfaction.

Estimating the cost of shed installation without specific details can be roughly approximated by multiplying the price of the shed by 1.5 times. For more accurate information on shed installation costs it is recommended to visit the store or wait for official quotations.

With materials and options such as paint colors windows shelving ramps weather vane/cupola leveling venting and severe weather strapping and anchors available for customization the final price can be model dependent. Every additional option such as special shingles on a Heartland shed like the “Stateman” will add to the overall cost.

While the labor cost tends to be around half the price of the shed this can also vary depending on the shed installation program chosen. Regardless the service comes with a one-year labor warranty to ensure quality workmanship.

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