How can one find luxury custom home building plans on line? The answer is one doesn’t! One may find plans for a really nice home on line, but to create a true luxury custom home you must have your own unique plans created by a true artist of an architect. The procedure for building a luxury custom home is considerably different than that of building any other type of home. The main difference is hiring a talented architect, who will work with your builder, to create a truly unique luxury custom home.

Luxury Custom Home Building Plans: Architecture

Not just one but three of the most important characteristics of a luxury custom home require a highly skilled and innovative architect. Firstly, a true luxury custom home must have unique architecture, and secondly it must have architectural significance. A third principle states that a luxury home must be recognizable and easily distinguished from any other home. Just as ancient castles each had their own unique look, so modern day luxury homes must have an appearance that makes them stand apart, each having its own unique shape and form. Unique architecture is best thought of as a trend setting style that can not ever be completely duplicated. While the aspect of being recognizable means that no matter how much other architects try to copy our design they will at most appear as cheap copies in comparison to the original.

Luxury Custom Home Building Plans: What is Architectural Significance?

Architectural significance is best compared to artistic significance. We are judging the architect as an artist. A Monet has artistic significance, so does a Picasso, and so does a Michelangelo. These three artists have almost nothing in common when it comes to artistic style, or design. Rather each artist had their own style, which was expressive of their time period, each artist’s statement to the world, and their expression of form and function. The same is true of comparing architects. Frank Lloyd Wright and Paolo Soleri both brought their own unique vision of a previously unknown future. While both their styles pull from the knowledge of previous architecture, and will continue to inspire architecture in the future, no one can truly duplicate their genius, they can only attempt to imitate. Thus architectural significance is all about allowing the artistic ability of the architectural designer shine through in a unique way, to create a work of art, not just another building.

Luxury Custom Home Building Plans: About the Architecture as Art

The creation of a luxury custom home plan is also a work of art requires a unique understanding of both functionality, and artistic principles. These principles both diverge and find unity within the work, as with any functional work of art. It may be easier to think of a simpler form of functional art, such as a hand carved walking cane. The shaft may be intricately carved, and the handle inset with a unique metal sculpture, or even studded with jewels, but in the end it must have both a shaft like support and a type of grip. It must support weight properly. It is the same with architecture. Architecture should not deny function, or ignore it. Rather it is an expression of function which expresses beauty and elegance within the function.

Luxury Custom Home Building Plans: About the Architect as an Artist

The most important element of your chosen architect is not necessarily his fame, or prominence. Fame is merely a matter of opportunity, and the more famous the architect truly the more common his work is on the market, because he has so many opportunities to work. While this increases his price and his prominence, it does nothing to improve his actual talent, though perhaps experience may be a factor. The most important element of an architect is his style, his vision and his creativity. There are many little known architects who have unique style and vision.

Luxury Custom Home Building Plans: Selecting an Architect

Just as we may prefer Monet to Picasso while recognizing that both have produced an amazing body of work, we must also recognize that many little known artists, such as Van Gough before his death, live out their lives in obscurity. The major difference is that talented artists may paint without commission at little cost, but an architect must be hired and a building created in order to have actually produced a work. While all artists long for and depend on wealthy patrons, the architect’s work must be approved by a wealthy patron to ever be produced. Thus, it may be reasonable to assume that by searching architectural colleges and their alumni you may very well find your young Van Gough of architecture and pull him from obscurity. You could also, if it makes you more comfortable, stick with a tried and true architect of significant reputation. Either way the most important elements are, that you like his or her style, and that his or her work is indeed technically correct and doable.

Unlike the procedure for building a budget home, building a true luxury custom home requires a search for a talented and creative architect that matches your tastes and personal longings. Match the style to your tastes, rather than restrict his talent by asking him to change his vision. Express instead the kinds of rooms you need and the size and scale of the project. Luxury homes need not be large. Size is not a factor in determining the degree of luxury, but you will want to explain to your architect the size of the home you wish to build. Whether you will build a tiny cottage by the sea, or an enormous castle on a hillside, the architect must know the lot as well as the artist knows his canvas. True luxury custom home building plans, are far more than common house plans, they are works of art.

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