This luxury home building guide explains the process of building a true luxury home. Building a true luxury home is one of the most thrilling and challenging undertakings in the world. Home builders and subcontractors are honored to be involved, and architects build their careers on projects like this. Lending institutions likewise are excited if they are involved in the process. The process of building a real luxury home is far different than those involved in building any other type of home.

Luxury Home Building Guide: Buying the Right Lot

By definition a true luxury home requires a fabulous location. This is where most faux luxury homes fall short. Placing a luxury home in a common location completely undermines the nature of the luxury home. Luxury homes should be built in scenic locations, convenient to resorts and exciting venues and attractions. The location could be a lovely lake or river front lot, an oceanfront lot, or perhaps a lot overlooking a famous golf course, or in the middle of an exciting resort town. Mountain property with a view also qualifies as a luxury lot and some luxury homes in large cities are penthouses.

Ordinary subdivision lots are not true luxury lots even if the location is somewhat prestigious. A luxury lot has to be very attractive and surrounded by beautiful landscaping. It also requires at least one breathtaking view. It is possible to purchase ordinary acreage, and either build a man made lake or take advantage of a lovely stream on the property. Still if it is not in a location adjacent to some exciting venues or attractions it doesn’t quite qualify.

Luxury Home Building Guide: Hiring an Architect

Unlike other forms of home building, an architect is an absolute requirement for a true luxury home. Two of the true standards of luxury homes depend on having a great architect. One requires that the home be of architectural significance, and the other states that the home must be completely unique and easily distinguished from all other homes. This means that you will need an architect of some renown who is capable of creating a distinctively unique style of architecture. A home that is a copy of another home is not a luxury home, no matter how nice it may be. A home which blends in with other homes in the neighborhood is not a luxury home either, no matter how much it costs.

Finding the right architect is crucial, but if you cannot spring for a truly famous architect, one alternative is to find a new architect, with a lot of creative ideas. You might speak with instructors at an architectural college to find the most promising recent graduates. Many times students and recent graduates will have striking and unique ideas and concepts to set your home apart in character from other homes. Owning the first home built by a promising young architect could be better than using an established architect, because yours will be the first home built in his unique style.

Luxury Home Building Guide: Choosing a Home Builder

It is important to employ a luxury, custom or quality home builder with a lot of experience in building unique homes. As with building any home, be sure to poll professional Realtors, loan officers, and subcontractors to learn which home builders are most qualified for your project. Check on line for any incidents of lemon homes, dissatisfied home owners, and other construction horror stories. It is important to insure that your home is built by the best homebuilder in your area, to insure quality.

Luxury Home Building Guide: The Structure

While location and design rank high in priority for a luxury home, it is also vital that your luxury home be an enduring work of art. Consider building materials carefully to create lasting beauty, which will last for centuries. Extra heavy lumber, stone, and concrete are all excellent choices in materials. Talk to your builder and your architect about building a home to last centuries not just to be attractive now.

Luxury Home Building Guide: The Interior

It goes without saying that your new home should include expensive woodwork, unique and artistic interior design, and a lot of expensive countertops, cabinetry and deluxe plumbing fixtures. Your appliances should be unique and expensive as well. The overall kitchen and bath design should be very inviting and obviously a cut above the norm. Stairways and fireplaces should be beautifully unique and well designed. Hardwood floors and real stone tile in the kitchen and bath might be good options. Your architect should help design the interior as well, and specify important elements.

Building a luxury home is very different than building any other sort of home. It is important to remember the attributes that make a house a luxury home. Be sure that the home has a fabulous location, is one of a kind and easily recognizable, and that it has architectural significance. It should be extremely durable, and built by an experienced home builder. It should provide comfort, beauty and luxury to residents and guests. For more information see other articles, and download our 98 page home planning guide. We hope that you have enjoyed reading our luxury home building guide, and that you will download our 98 page free book.

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