These luxury home building ideas will help you when planning and building your home. You see building a luxury home is largely a matter of balance. Luxury homes should be tasteful, yet unique. Large, but not so large they can’t be heated and cooled efficiently. They should be stately without being pretentious, and elaborate without being gaudy. A luxury home should be comfortable, warm, cozy and inviting, as well as obviously expensive, spacious and awe inspiring. Most importantly, a true luxury home is architecturally significant and extremely structurally sound. Let me walk you through five key considerations when designing and building a luxury home

Luxury Home Building Ideas and Considerations

Luxury Home Building Ideas and Considerations: Quality Not Quantity
There is increasing contempt in our society, for single family dwellings that exceed 4000 square feet. Due to environmental and social issues, even those of great financial means, find this wasteful of resources and a bit pretentious. On a less political note, it is also increasingly costly, even with the best insulation, to heat and cool a home of over 6000 square feet. In short, due to the importance of fuel efficiency and the high cost of fuel, smaller luxury homes are becoming more fashionable, while building a huge home is becoming the equivalent of wearing a fur coat to a PITA meeting. Instead superior architectural design, better building materials and unique hand crafted features are what true luxury homes are known for.

Luxury Home Building Ideas and Considerations: Efficient Use of Space

The secret to building a tasteful but impressive luxury home is the efficient use of space. No matter what the size of your home, avoid wasted space which has no real purpose. Instead use open spaces strategically to make the home seem larger, while maintaining an inviting atmosphere. Incorporate cozy areas where they are appropriate. Include open space in the foyer and near the stairway to allow for the home’s traffic patterns. Use the space wisely where it is needed while including warm intimate family areas.

Luxury Home Building Ideas and Considerations: Creative Design

The definition of a true luxury home is in the design. A luxury home must be of architectural significance. A true luxury home is a work of art, full of unique architectural features, hand carved woodwork, and exciting interior design. If you are serious about building a true luxury home, you will need a very special architect, who will help you create a tasteful, yet stunning home. Your design must avoid the tired clichés in order to reach for greatness.

Luxury Home Building Ideas and Considerations: Materials

There are many new types of green materials available and traditional ones as well. Investigate all the possibilities before deciding on materials. There are some wonderful and unique choices to make which have never been available before. The most important part of building any home is insuring the lasting durability of the structure. Learn about the durability of various materials under various weather conditions. Select the strongest materials and the best insulation for your area.

Luxury Home Building Ideas and Considerations: Structure

The walls of a luxury home should be thicker, and stronger than ordinary homes. A luxury home should have superior insulation, and superior sound proofing between rooms. The quality of any home is, above all else, determined by the strength and durability of its materials, craftsmanship and design. Never compromise the soundness of structure for beauty, because structural soundness is the true definition of lasting beauty.

Just as the difference between 24kt gold and gold plate is obvious, so the quality of a home’s construction is obvious, even from the beginning, and increasingly as time passes. Don’t settle for a 6000 foot gold plated, rhinestone incrusted luxury home. Make sure you are getting true quality, unique architecture and a strong and lasting structure. I hope you found this article on luxury home building ideas useful.

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