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If you’re curious about how much you’ll need to shell out for a pallet of mampara bricks you’re in the right place.

In today’s article we’ll shed light on the mampara bricks price per pallet so you can plan your construction project effectively.

Mampara bricks are unique for their robust quality and exquisite finish making them an ideal choice for various construction tasks.

But here comes the big question: How much do they cost?

It’s true the prices of building materials can be quite unpredictable and fluctuating right?

Well hold on to your seat because you are about to get enlightened!

Mampara Bricks Price Per Pallet

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Mampara Bricks Price Per Pallet

The Mampara bricks commonly used in Africa for all construction works come in a pallet of 500 bricks. They are predominantly made from a special type of clay known as NFP Bricks Blue Mix Quantum.

The remarkable Mampara bricks’ pricing stands at R1215.95 per pallet VAT inclusive. These readily available bricks are characterized by great strength with an average compressive strength of 8.0 Mpa or 15.5 Mpa (MTO).

The dimensions of a standard Mampara brick are 210mm x 98mm (length x width) with a height of 70mm. A word from the majority of manufacturers suggests that bricks per square meter is approximately 54 gauge dependent.

Additionally the overall weight of a single Mampara brick is an estimated 3.050 kg.

It’s worth noting that owing a pallet of Mampara bricks also comes with an assurance of quality. The bricks firmly comply with SANS 1215:2008 certification approved by CMACS.

Additionally the company offers free Bloemfontein delivery for the first 20km making it easier for contractors and home builders. However you may also need to factor in a wastage of approximately 5%.

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Price Of Bricks Per 1000

The price of bricks per 1000 greatly depends on the availability of materials manufacturing costs and construction market rates which tend to fluctuate over time. As of 2023 the standard cost for Cement maxi bricks is around R4820 per 1000 units whereas Cement stock bricks are relatively cheaper with a price tag of approximately R2300 for the same number of bricks.

Clay face bricks such as Makoro Ingwe Satin Letaba Satin and Makoro Marble Travertine Fbs typically range between R4400 and R5500 per 1000. Clay plaster bricks better known as mampara or clay stock bricks are priced at R3950 per 1000 or R1209 per pallet at Cashbuild.

Some of the strongest available blocks like Cement Maxi Blocks come in strengths of 7 Mpa and 10 Mpa and these range in price depending on the manufacturer. Prices start at R14350 for twelve pallets or 3000 bricks.

Remember a standard pallet usually contains around 534 bricks.

Mpa In Bricks

Megapascals (MPa) measure the strength of bricks. Majority of manufacturers produce bricks with a strength of 7MPa.

Compressive strength indicated as 8.0 Mpa or 15.5 Mpa (MTO) on average signifies the highest pressure that bricks can withstand without deformation.

Mampara bricks’ strength ensures their use in all construction projects including residential and corporate buildings and even paving.

Cement Maxi Blocks

Cement maxi blocks are available in 7 MPa and 10 MPa. Prices start at R14350 for 12 pallets or 3000 bricks fluctuating with the manufacturer.

Brick Certification

The certification of compliance with SANS 1215:2008 by CMACS indicates that the bricks meet stipulated strength requirements making them suitable for use in construction needs including DIY projects.

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Brick Price In South Africa

The price of bricks per 1000 in South Africa varies due to factors like availability of materials and production cost. Factors such as the type of brick and the manufacturer also affect the price.

Clay Plaster Bricks

Also known as mampara or clay stock bricks they cost R3.95 each R3950 per 1000 or R1209 per pallet at Cashbuild.

Cement Bricks

  • Cement plaster bricks have two types: cement maxi and cement stock.
  • Cement maxi bricks cost R4.82 each or R4820 per 1000.
  • Cement stock bricks cost R2.30 each or R2300 per 1000.

Mampara Bricks Price

The price of Mampara bricks per pallet is R1215.95 (VAT Inclusive) including delivery to Bloemfontein and a wastage allowance of 5%.

Cheapest Bricks To Buy

Searching for the cheapest bricks to buy for your construction needs? You might want to consider mampara bricks.

Not only do they offer strength with a compressive average of 8.0 Mpa but they are also one of the most affordable options on the market. A pallet of mampara bricks containing about 546 bricks costs approximately R1215.95 (VAT Inclusive).

At this reasonable budget mampara bricks provide a cost-effective solution for all construction works.

In addition to mampara bricks brick cement stock could be your next affordable option. Each brick is priced around R2.30 which puts the price of 1000 bricks at R2300.

Since they are readily available the cost of 1000 bricks in South Africa especially cement stock and cement maxi remains significantly cheaper than most other types.

Another economical choice could be cement maxi blocks. Their prices vary by the manufacturer with rates starting from R14350 for 12 pallets or 3000 bricks.

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Though they are pricier than the mampara and cement stock bricks the cement maxi blocks offer exceptional strength making them ideal for more demanding construction needs.

Keep in mind that the exact cost of bricks can fluctuate due to various factors such as availability and production cost. Therefore it’s worth staying updated with the current maxi bricks pallet price and making informed decisions based on your specific construction requirements.

For more details or quotes you can always get in touch with Duane Greeff at 073 855 7392.

Just remember the cheapest bricks to buy are not always about the selling rate alone. It’s also about the dimensions strength availability of materials and overall quality.

Always consider all these factors before making a purchase to ensure the total value for money.

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