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If you’re considering adding on to your home one of the first thoughts that might come to your mind is the master suite addition cost.

Is it affordable or will it break the bank?

Adding a master suite to your home is a big decision and it certainly involves financial considerations.

But just how much are we talking here?

Wouldn’t it be a shock to discover that the cost might not be as terrifying as you initially thought?

Master Suite Addition Cost

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Master Suite Addition Cost

The average cost to add a master suite to a home is $72000. However the prices generally range between $50000 to $150000 but can even exceed $200000 in some cases.

This cost involves various elements such as construction materials labor permits and professional services. Some of the major costs involved in a master suite addition include cost for foundation construction roofing drywall for ceilings and walls flooring installation of electrical outlets interior doors and professional help such as an architect or general contractor.

Average Cost By Size

Master suite addition costs vary greatly depending on the size of the addition. The average cost per square foot for a master suite addition is approximately $180 with a wide range of $80 to $240 or even more.

The average cost to build a 400-square-foot master suite would typically range between $72000 to $96000. The exact cost depends on various factors such as the location of the property complexity of the project and the materials used.

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Additional Costs

When planning a master suite addition it is crucial to consider the additional costs aside from the main construction. These may include interior doors for the master suite which can cost anywhere from $300 to $1200.

Other costs to consider involve the installation of a new floor with hardwood flooring ranging from $3 to $14 per square foot. Similarly bedroom outlets can cost from $125 to $200 each.

Diy Master Suite Addition Cost

For those with a bit of handyman skill opting to take on some of the work in a DIY capacity can lead to significant savings. This approach could potentially save as much as $15000 bringing the average master suite addition cost down to $62000.

Some tasks suitable for DIY might include painting and finishing work flooring installation or even assembling a built-in wardrobe. It’s important to remember though that more complex tasks such as electrical work should always be left to professionals.

How to Save on Master Suite Addition Costs

  • Flex your DIY muscles for parts of the project within your capabilities

  • Opt for more affordable materials where possible

  • Consider add-ons carefully and prioritize based on your budget and needs

  • Get the job done properly the first time to avoid expensive corrections later

  • Limit the square footage to only what you need to keep costs down

Cost Summary

Additional Costs Price Range
Interior doors $300 – $1200
Hardwood flooring $3 – $14 per foot
Bedroom Outlets $125 – $200 each
DIY Savings Around $15000

Cost-Saving Tips For Master Suite Addition

A master suite addition is a significant home improvement project with costs ranging from $50000 to a staggering $200000 or more. This detailed guide discusses various cost-saving tips to help you achieve your dream master suite remodel on a budget.

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Firstly flex your DIY muscles. Labor costs such as hiring a local architect ($2020 – $6000) or a general contractor (10%-20% of total cost) can significantly drive up the project cost.

Opting for DIY work may save you around $15000 reducing the average cost to about $62000. However ensure the tasks you pick are within your skill set.

Running utilities or installing light fixtures ($150-$825 per fixture) should be left to professionals.

Select more affordable materials can also reduce the master suite addition cost. For instance choosing asphalt shingles and galvanized metal flashing ($80-$100 per sq.ft) over more expensive roofing options like steel roofing ($75-$350 per square) can save you a substantial amount.

Consider the add-ons carefully. Additional features such as a walk-in closet ($1000-$7500) fireplace ($2000-$10000) French doors ($2000-$10000) etc. although luxurious can drastically increase the total cost.

Reconsider if these add-ons are necessary or if other economical options are available. For instance a standard closet ($1000-$3000) may suffice instead of a walk-in.

Using existing footprint rather than building entirely new addition can save costs too. For example a ground-level master suite addition has an average cost of $170000 which is far cheaper than a second-story addition ranging between $110000 and $190000.

The last but vital tip involves planning. Careful preparation including obtaining accurate estimates permits and setting an entire budget will prevent unforeseen costs ensuring your project doesn’t exceed the set budget.

Understanding where to save and where to invest ensures your master suite addition project doesn’t break the bank while resulting in an impressive and quality upgrade to your home.

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