Modular Home Building Kits

Modular Home Building Kits

If you want to be able to build your home but do it the easy way, a modular home shell just might be the option for you. Modular home building kits are created to make the building process easier, cheaper, and faster.

Modular shell homes are great for anyone who wants the option to build their own home but doesn’t necessarily have all of the skills or the time. This provides a much more simple solution to help you build your own home.

Shell kit homes make the dream to build a home for yourself much more realistic and doable no matter how skilled you are. Keep reading to find out what a modular home kit is and modular home shell prices.

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What is a Modular Home Building Kit?

A modular kit is basically a house shell kit that simplifies the building process for you. Most kits will come as a home shell that you can then build off of to create a fully functioning home in much less time for less money.

These kits come in two basic styles, the panel, and modular unit, but you have many other options of the style of home that you want. This allows you to pick exactly, what you want, whether that be a rustic-inspired home or a modern home.

Though it is important to note that these variations are going to be priced differently according to what you want. Shell modular homes are priced differently by style, depending on how they are made.

Even if you do go with a pricier style, however, you are still going to be saving money in the long run. Modular shell homes are still more affordable than starting from the ground up and building your home from scratch.

This gives you the wiggle room to choose the kind of home that you want while staying within your budget. Something that you might not be able to do if you were building your home by yourself without prefab home shell kits.

What Does a Modular Building Kit Contain?

When you buy a modular kit, you are usually going to get the entire shell of the home. This is the basic structure that creates the base to build on to actually transform it into a home.

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You will need to connect the plumbing, wire the electricity, add insulation, drywall, and add the flooring. What kit you go with will determine just what you have to do once you get the shell kit homes.

Some come with a flooring system that doesn’t require a foundation, while others require that you have a foundation for them to be on. Some also come with windows and doors, while others require that you buy and install these yourself.

You will generally have to add all of the things to enclose this shell and turn it into an actual structure that is protected and closed off. You will also need to do all of the interior finishes, such as adding drywall, painting, adding appliances, and so on.

You will also need to hire out to do most of these jobs, specifically for the plumbing, wiring, and insulation if there is none. These are not jobs that you should take on unless you are a professional.

Even after hiring people to come in and do certain jobs for you, you are still going to save some money in the process. Homebuilding kits prices are still going to be cheaper than building from scratch by yourself.

Not to mention how much faster it is to build a home once the shell is already constructed. Especially if it does not require you to lay down a foundation for it to sit on.

How Much Are Modular Home Building Kits?

Prefab home shell kits typically cost around $30 to $150 per square foot, though you will likely spend around $90 on average.

This may seem like a steep cost, but these kits are usually more detailed, better built, and come with more features than other kits do.

Along with prefab kits, you can choose between hiline homes shell prices as well to pick the best option for you. If you want extra things added to your shell kit, you can expect to pay more by the square foot.

You can pick as detailed a kit as you like, such as one that includes a foundation, assembly, plumbing, a septic tank, and electrical wiring. But you will expect to pay top dollar for these added features.

It is a good idea to make your own estimate as to how much building your home will cost. Look at home building kits with prices and the plumbers, electricians, and insulators in your area.

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You never know, it may be cheaper to get a kit that comes with these things instead of hiring p[eople to do it for you.

What Are The Modular Home Kit Pros and Cons?

Shell kit homes can be a great way to build a home for yourself with far less effort than building it from scratch. These modular kits offer plenty of advantages, especially if you do not have the time, skills, or resources to build from scratch.

Though it is important to keep in mind that these building kits also have their disadvantages too. So keep reading to find out the pros and cons of being a shell kit.


  • Modular home kits are typically going to be cheaper than buying a home, paying someone to build a home, or buying a pre-made home. Though you have several expenses when using a home kit, they generally add up to be cheaper overall.
  • When using a home kit, you will have far fewer labor costs over the process. That is because half of the work is already done when you get your kit. This leaves just a few jobs to be done that require you to hire someone.
  • With a modular kit, you have the flexibility to pick the kind of home that you want. Though its prices vary by style, you have more opportunities to choose what you actually like, while staying within your budget.
  • You can finish your home as quickly or as slowly as you like as half the work is already done and you are not paying a contractor. This gives you the freedom to work on it when you can or speed up the process.
  • Because you are saving money on a home kit, you can spend extra money on other things. Such as better materials, luxury home features, or better appliances.
  • The design of kit homes tend to be more energy-efficient and have a tighter constructional build. This will save you money on AC, heating, and other aspects of your home.
  • A modular home kit gives you the freedom to build your home all by yourself. You can even avoid hiring anyone if you buy a kit with more added features, such as plumbing and electricity.
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  • Modular kits can vary quite a bit depending on where you are getting them. In general, kits are very different between sellers and can be confusing to look through. You will want to do your research thoroughly to avoid getting something that you don’t want.
  • The cost of kits can be deceptive as they seem cheap upfront but may not include much at all. If you want a good house shell, you may have to pay significantly more than you originally expected to. This also doesn’t include extra materials needed and labor costs.
  • You have less structural control over your home when it comes to a modular kit. These are made to be basic homes that are easy to buy and assemble, they will not stand out or be one of a kind.
  • Not every kit is going to be made to be suitable for the climate that you live in. so you will want to be aware of this when ordering a kit and buying extra materials.

What Are Modular Home Building Kits?

Modular home kits are the basic shell structure of the home that you buy and are delivered to you to complete. This is the basic house shell that you then have to add to in order to make it into a livable home.

This usually means that you will need to add insulation, drywall, plumbing, electrical wiring, a foundating, and interior finishes. Though, some kits come with more features already added than others.

The more complete you want your house shell to be, the more money the kit is going to cost. You will also want to plan on any expenses if you have to hire professionals to do some of the jobs for you.

With building kits, you also have the ability to choose the style of home that you want. This allows you to personalize it a bit to your taste while staying on budget.

Keep in mind that different kit styles will be priced differently, as well as kits that have more added. You will want to create your own detailed estimate of how much the entire project is going to cost.

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