New Construction of a single family house is an act of creation. Architects enjoy creating unique and unusual home plans, but only a few of these types of designs ever get built. Unfortunately most new homes do not include a lot of creativity. Home builders and contractors repeatedly build tract houses with the same tired designs. Further, even in luxury homes, there is a regrettable lack of interest in truly interesting architecture. Not only tract houses, but also custom homes, lack the creative spark of good architecture.

New Construction Single Family House: Creativity

Creative design is rare in modern architecture, but that is not because architects want it that way. Architectural magazines and home plan books are full of unique designs, and lovely homes. There are a lot of creative blueprints that are unique compared to the usual tract housing. For some reason though, people do not end up building these houses nearly so often as the more common looking designs, even though they frequently point them out as attractive when thumbing through a home plan book.

New Construction Single Family House: Tract Housing

Generic tract housing seems to typify the housing market and has for quite some time. Ever since the early sixties when brick ranch style homes dominated the housing market, homes building has been an industry devoid of imagination. Architects often complain that even in the luxury home market, large mansions far outnumber truly creative custom homes. They often wonder what causes this drive for mediocrity in home buyers.

In the lower end market, Cost concerns together with building codes and the need to obtain a loan, are all major problems. Many of the things that would make homes more interesting are more expensive. Curves, carvings, arches, unique shapes and vaulted ceilings for example can be costly. There are a few nontraditional materials which could be used to create unique architectural forms affordably, but these are not frequently used. Building permits and loans are sometimes difficult to obtain if the architecture is too far from the norm.

New Construction Single Family House: Outside the Box Thinking

Still, much could be done to improve the appearance and function of architecture even within a budget and the constraints of existing codes, if there were a demand for architects who think outside the box. Moving away from square boxy forms would be a true breath of fresh air to construction, and give architects room to be creative.

New Construction Single Family House: Custom

Building a truly unique custom home is a way to truly dare to be different. There are custom homes which have utilized unique design techniques, and non standard materials to create amazing homes. Your custom home should be uniquely you. You and your family are unique individuals, so why not build a truly unique home. Celebrate your uniqueness with a truly unique custom home that was built especially for you and your family. Creative architects are begging home buyers to come out of the box, and create a demand for unique and creative new construction in a single family house.

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