Enjoy our new home building guide below, and be sure to download our 98 page free book, on the subject of home planning. Take advantage of all the articles on this site in order to learn how to build your own home. The goal of HomeBuildingSmart is to educate and inform our readers, so that they can make sound decisions as they go through the homebuilding process.

New Home Building Guide: Financial Planning for Your New Home

Start saving one third of your income towards the down payment on your home. The purpose is not only to save, but to practice making payments, before you risk default. By tweaking the amount you must save each month, you will discover exactly how much you can comfortably make in payments.

New Home Building Guide: Brainstorming a Plan

Start a home building journal, begin with our 98 page book and add your ideas to it. Have all your family members began collecting photos of homes, pictures of interiors and copies of floor plans that they like. Also ask them to produce sketches of ideas that they have. Then brainstorm with them to come up with even more ideas. After collecting as many ideas as possible weed through the ideas as a family, but be sure that all family members are part of the process, and that at least some of the ideas you use come from each of the family members.

New Home Building Guide: Research

Research materials, including the new green materials. Learn all you can about construction, energy efficiency and the various techniques of homebuilding. Be sure to learn about the step by step building process and watch some do it yourself videos to learn how workers build homes. Many articles on this site will help you to understand, but it is often helpful to watch videos.

New Home Building Guide: Decide what you Need

Determine how many square feet are needed by the family and approximately how they should be arranged. Then look for a house plan which matches your needs. Refine your ideas into a workable plan. Use architectural software to draw out and test the floor plan and how it will look when you add the furniture and fixtures.

New Home Building Guide: Carefully Select a Home Builder

Once you know what you and your family want, start researching to find homebuilders who can build this home. Take a poll of realtors, building inspectors, loan officers, subcontractors and other professionals with construction related jobs to recommend a few home builders each. Also look on line for complaints against the home builders and contractors you are considering. Visit their websites, and if possible tour their jobsites.

New Home Building Guide: Visit Open Houses by these Builders

Once you have narrowed your choices to three to six homebuilders, make appointments to visit each of them. Explain what you want, show them your plans and get a quote and sample contract from each. Do not sign anything until you have completed your bidding process.

New Home Building Guide: Keep an Eye on Your Investment

Visit your construction site often during the building process. It is very important to let your builder know that you will be visiting the site. Make arrangements to visit about twice a week. Be sure to visit when footings are poured, when foundation is laid and frequently during the framing process. This is your only chance to see the supporting structure of your home. This time is far more important than anything you could see during the final inspection.

New Home Building Guide: Enjoy the Process

Have fun during the building process. Take photos to document the experience and record the progress of construction. Make sure that you are satisfied with all the work before the builder progresses to the next step. Frequent visits help insure that you will be satisfied with your home when it is complete.

By learning all you can about home building and taking an active role in the process, you are better able to insure your satisfaction in the finished home. This new home building guide is an overview of the homebuilding process.

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