Looking for new home building information is easier than ever today on the Internet. As you look around for information there are many new developments you need to be aware of. You might want to investigate green construction, average cost per square foot, new building materials, traditional materials, and various construction techniques.

The fact is energy efficiency and green construction are now commonplace. Traditional building materials are still most used, but increasingly the standard is being stretched to include newer more economical and more durable materials.

New Home Building Information: The Best of Green Construction

There are many different elements involved in green construction including:
• Energy Savings
• Natural Materials
• Using renewable resources
• Using Locally Produced Materials
• Building Stronger Homes to Last Longer
• Reduced Waste
• Solar and Wind Energy

Some of these ideals will be more important to most people than others but lets look at the ones that will impact the home owner directly. Energy savings are becoming increasingly important as the cost of energy increases, and using alternative energy produced by your home, could make the difference between paying a utility bill and being paid for one. Likewise anything which makes your home stronger and more durable is obviously a great idea.

New Home Building Information: Concrete Wall Panels

This considered there are some building materials every new home builder should be aware of. One is insulated concrete wall panel systems. Insulated concrete wall panel systems make strong almost indestructible walls. They are cheaper than lumber, and they are very energy efficient. They install quickly and snap together easily, so there is a lot less labor involved. Construction takes less time.

New Home Building Information: Radiant Barrier Roof Decking

Another great new product is Radiant barrier roof decking. When used as sheathing for the roof instead of normal plywood, they can reduce your summer attic temperature from the usual 120 degrees, by about 28 degrees or more. That means your air conditioning doesn’t have to work as hard to keep your house cool.

New Home Building Information: Solar Panels and Walls

Solar Energy has changed and improved considerably in the last few years. There have been so many developments which make it a very practical option. Solar panels and solar walls are definitely something that any new home buyer or builder should consider. Be sure to get the latest designs which take advantage of heat as well as light to increase the production of each panel.

The good news is that many of the new materials will make your home stronger, cheaper and easier to build. The bad news is the building inspectors who are not yet familiar or comfortable with some of the new technology. Codes have not evolved as quickly as technology, so you will need a contractor or home builder who specializes in green energy to help explain the process and deal with the inspectors. Be sure to find a contractor who specializes in the type of construction you are interested in, and make sure that the type of construction is compatible with your climate. Some of the more eco-friendly natural building materials such as rammed earth and straw, tend to work better in dry climates while others new construction materials will work anywhere.

For more information on building techniques and building a new house, download our free 98 page guide on the topic. Start building a portfolio of new home information, so that you can make educated decisions for your new custom home.

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