There are many new home construction companies available to choose from. But narrowing the choices down and finding the right one to build your new home can be challenging. With so many new home builders, and contractors, how do you know which one would be perfect to build your new home?

Analyzing New Home Construction Companies Suggestions

Analyzing New Home Construction Companies Suggestion One: Compile a List
Compile a list of all the new home construction contractors, and home builders in your area. Use Internet searches, real estate sections of your local newspaper, local real estate guides, home design magazines, and yellow pages listings. Contact the National Association of Home Builders for more information as well. There should be a local chapter in your area. Ask your friends and neighbors, contact local Realtors, and talk to residents who live in the area or have built homes with the new home construction companies on your list. Find out as much as you can about each of the new home construction companies, and compile a written profile on each to add to your home building journal.

Analyzing New Home Construction Companies Suggestion Two: Keep a Home Building Journal
As soon as you start thinking of building your own dream home, start a home building journal. Include all the information, tips, and ideas you can on the subject. There are many different formats, from keeping a physical scrap book, or diary type journal, to building a Word document or PowerPoint presentation on the topic. Combinations of the two have also been used by taking notes in a journal, typing it on the computer for a neat look, and then printing it and inserting the pages into a notebook which also contains, magazine clippings, paint and wallpaper samples, and a host of other physical and web materials gathered. The journal will become invaluable throughout the home building process in explaining to a contractor what you want your dream house to look like, and in making design selections for the actual house as well. You can even take it with you when shopping for furniture, or draperies.

Analyzing New Home Construction Companies Suggestion Three: Decide What Kind of House You Want
Deciding on the type of home you want will help in narrowing your choices. Here are some key factors to consider:
• Do you want a town house, condo or a single family free standing home?
• Location? What subdivision would you prefer? A subdivision usually features one or a few different builders. Condos and Townhouses definitely have a single builder each, so location may play a part in your decision.
• Production or Custom Home? Production homes are homes built by a builder with the same floor plan, but with different exterior facades or colors. The homes are usually mass produced. Custom homes are built specifically for the buyer, to their specifications. Have a look at some of the production homes. It’s possible that what you want is already built, or that a certain builder’s style comes close to meeting your needs. If you find a house similar to what you want, you could ask the builder to build one for you that is similar to what he normally builds with a few key changes.
• What style of home? Different new home builders, and contractors have a set of different styles that they routinely build. Select the style you want and it will narrow your choices in builders when you look at the homes they normally build.
• Specific materials and building techniques may determine which contractor you use. Certain contractors specialize in various specialized building materials. Contractors who do timber framing, usually do that exclusively, while contractors who specialize in custom log homes only use logs. It is a totally different process than stick building or building with brick. Other specialties which may be even harder to find, include green building, energy efficient and green energy solar construction, rammed earth, and ferrocement. These types of builders may have to travel a distance to build your home, if there is not one locally. If you do want one of these styles you could try asking around for skilled labor which might be able to help in a unique project.

Analyzing New Home Construction Companies Suggestion Four: Narrow the List and Check References
Once you have narrowed your list, based on the type of home you want, further narrow your list by insisting on a builder who has a good reputation, and preferably a long history in your community. Talk to home owners who have used each contractor. Meet with at least three builders and find out what they have to offer. I recommend you get at least three tangible and comparable quotes. Make sure all the contractors or home builders are quoting on the same square footage, same quality, same grade and thicknesses of lumber and other materials, and same type of construction. This means getting pretty granular on all the details.

Analyzing New Home Construction Companies Suggestion Five: Personality Match
Selecting between new home construction companies is also a matter of personal choice. Make sure you choose someone you can understand and work with and you actually like. It’s your choice, and all the references and credit checks and calls to the Better Business Bureau aside, pick someone you can trust and communicate with. Someone might be great at their job, and have a good reputation, but if you don’t like them, or feel uncomfortable, or just don’t understand a word they say, pick someone else. There are plenty of good contractors and home builders, so select only from the new home construction companies you feel you can work with.

Let’s review what we just covered quickly…

Analyzing New Home Construction Companies Overview:

1. Compile a list of new home construction companies that you are possibly interested in exploring further.
2. Start and keep a home building journal.
3. Decide what kind of home you are interested in.
4. Narrow your list of builders and check references.
5. Make sure you like the builder you select.
6. Get as educated on the home building process as you can. Download the free New Home Steps Guide above and become as savvy as you can on home building from start to finish.

I hope you found this article informative and useful. Good luck in exploring new home construction companies and building your new home. Let me know if you have any questions.

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