In order to make a new home construction cost estimate for a log home, you must be familiar with prices of materials and labor. It also helps to have specialized software designed to take those figures and multiply them automatically, by the quantities needed. This is why a home builder or contractor can whip up a cost estimate very quickly and accurately while home owners struggle to come up with some rough idea.

Additionally home builders and contractors have wholesale materials suppliers who give them an even better price than your local home improvement store in most cases. The general public does not have access to these stores or their prices, because the overhead of the supplier would go up considerably if people were popping by for a few boards every day. Professional builders go into these supply warehouses knowing exactly what they need and how many. They do not need a warehouse full of sales clerks, like your home improvement store does.

New Home Construction Cost Estimate for a Log Home Sample

New homes vary greatly in cost, but this is an example of a new home construction cost estimate for a completed log home. The home was just under 3000 square foot. All the work was done by the builder, from foundation to trim. This was a completed home, not a shell. The price works out to $61 per square foot. This pricing is lower than average, but it gives an idea of how shopping around can reduce the bottom line price.

New Home Construction Cost Estimate for a Log Home: Land Preparation and Foundation

Septic System $6,000
Well $7,000
Excavation and Gravel $2,000
Concrete Foundation and Walk out Basement $14,000
Subtotal for land prep $29,000

New Home Construction Cost Estimate for a Log Home: Shell Completion

Log Package $60,000
Shipping of Materials to Site* $1,500
Equipment Rental $1,600
Log Home Package Installed $28,000
Roofing and Labor $4,500
Subtotal for Completed Shell $98,060
*This is for two truck loads of logs $750 each.

New Home Construction Cost Estimate for a Log Home: Plumbing

Bathroom Plumbing Fixtures (2 baths) $2,970
Kitchen Plumbing Fixtures $300
Rough Plumbing and Materials $1,900
Finish Plumbing and HWH $2,800
Subtotal for Plumbing and Fixtures $7,970

New Home Construction Cost Estimate for a Log Home: Cabinetry

Bath Cabinet and Mirror $800
Cabinets, Countertop and Installation $6,000
Subtotal for Cabinets $6,800

New Home Construction Cost Estimate for a Log Home: Electrical

Electrical Equipment and Materials $3,022
Electrician’s Labor $5,200
Appliances $2,750
HVAC $6,300
Electrical Subtotal $17,272

New Home Construction Cost Estimate for a Log Home: Finish

Log and floor staining and coating $4,000
Dry Wall, and/or Tongue and Grove paneling $6,750
Finish Carpentry and Trim $4,200
Miscellaneous Hardware $800
Finishes Subtotal $15,750

Grand Total $174,852

New Home Construction Cost Estimate for a Log Home: How to Get a Good Price

Consider Location – One must consider location first. It would be much better to get several cost estimates for your area. The cost of labor and materials vary considerably according to location and not just the state but for different areas in those states. Homes built in the city and in expensive subdivisions tend to cost more than rural homes, even for the same quality. Sometimes it is wise for people who live in large cities to look to rural contractors for a better price.

Be Knowledgeable – It pays to research thoroughly and know your materials. Even though your builder will not be obtaining his materials from the local home improvement store, check the prices there to see what the retail price is. Sometimes home builders will charge over retail price for some items, so if you happen to see that sort of thing, mention it. Of course it’s best to ask politely, because it could be your calculations are off, or that the materials he uses are of a different quality or grade. It might also be that his supplier is gouging him.

Be Nice, and Don’t be a Bother – It’s a little known fact that many small business people estimate how annoying the client is going to be, and how much extra time will be spent taking care of these needs. Their price reflects this estimate. Of course you want to have a right to inspect your property and ask questions if you need to, so there is a balance between managing and getting charged extra for micro-managing and being irritating.
Get Estimates till you are Satisfied – It is generally recommended that home buyers get three to six quotes from different home builders or contractors, but it is permissible if you aren’t happy with the first six, to see a second six. You do not want to settle for a builder you aren’t comfortable with, or who has a bad reputation, or who is trying to gouge you.

Look on line for sample estimates for your area, and the type of materials you wish to use. Get a general idea of the market before visiting home builders and contractors. Obtain as many quotes as you need to feel satisfied that you have selected the best home builder for your job. If everything is coming in way too high, consider a shell home, or looking outside your immediate area for a home builder. A new home construction cost estimate for a log home should resonate as true and reasonable to you.

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