The home building process is widely variable which makes a new home construction timeline variable as well. Building a home is largely a matter of man hours. The more workers, the quicker a home can be build. It also depends on weather conditions. A rainy season can delay building for months, especially if it hits before the foundation is poured. A prediction of rain can also speed up the process, as workers hurry to get the project under roof before a storm. The time taken in a project speaks little of quality one way or another. In a historic perspective a log cabin could be built in a day, and many exquisite historic homes were built in a matter of weeks. Most modern home builders can complete a home in six months to a year, but different processes may speed up or slow down the completion date. The following is merely an estimate.

New Home Construction Timeline Estimate

New Home Construction Timeline: Pre-construction
• Permits, Loans and Paperwork – 2 Months
Expect to wait at least two months for paperwork before construction even begins. It is a good idea to start this process in the winter, so that you will have the entire spring, summer and fall to build.

New Home Construction Timeline: First Month of Construction
• Clearing the land – One day to two weeks
Time depends on methods, efforts to save trees, and the state of the land before building.
• Grading – One day
• Digging the Foundation – Two days of good weather
• Building Concrete forms – One to four days
Depending on the number of workers, and the amount of concrete that will be poured, this could go very quickly. Some people install pools, drive ways, and patios and this takes longer.
• Pouring Concrete – One day to two weeks of good weather
The amount of time varies with the number of different application for concrete. While concrete is normally poured in only one day, it will take several days and possibly a week for the concrete to cure enough to continue work at the site.
• Laying Foundation Blocks – One day to one week
Again this depends on how many workers are involved. Most crews can do this in a day, but a brick layer and one helper should be able to do it in less than a week, weather permitting. Weather plays a major role in determining the time table.

New Home Construction Timeline: Second Month
• Set bolts and lintel plates – One day
• Sill Plate and Floor Joists – Three days
• Sub Floor – Two days
• Framing – One Month
This needs to be done during a dry season.
Third Month
• Roofing – One or two Weeks
• Sheathing – Two weeks to one month.
This should be done during a dry hot summer month, so that the sun will heat the shingles and help them seal.
• Fourth and Fifth Month
• Siding – One to three weeks usually concurrent with other tasks inside the home
• Rough HVAC Plumbing and Wiring – One to two months
Usually, the HVAC contractor, plumbing contractor, and electricians will work during the same period to run wiring ductwork and plumbing pipe in the home before drywall and insulation are applied. Exterior Siding can also be completed during this period.
• Insulation – Usually one week

New Home Construction Timeline: Sixth and Seventh Month
• Drywall – Two weeks to one month
• Finished Carpentry – One to two months

New Home Construction Timeline: Eighth and Ninth Month
• Finishing the Plumbing and Wiring – Installing Fixtures – One month
• Paint, Wallpaper and Floor Coverings – One month
• Finishing Touches – One month
• Landscaping – A week or more

There are many variables involved, including climate, weather, and building practices that vary according to area. When using this new home construction timeline it is important to remember that each builder and each home will vary.

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