New home planning takes getting down to the nitty gritty by getting very specific about what you need and want in your new home and planning it out. The first step in new home planning is to have everyone who will be living in the new home answer the following questions. Have each person write their answers on a plain sheet of paper. But before you do that make sure to download the free new home Steps Guide above on the right, it’s fantastic and covers everything you need to know about home building.

new home Planning Checklist

To do this have each person who will be living in the new home answer the following questions:

• How many bedrooms do you need in your new home?
• How many bathrooms do you need?
• When planning your new home think about how big does the master bedroom need to be? And does it need to be on the first floor?
• How big do the other bedrooms need to be in your new home?
• What type of kitchen do you need based on your lifestyle?
• Do you want a separate living room or do you prefer a great room that merges rooms together?
• Do you need a separate laundry room as part of your new home plan?
• Do you need a guest bedroom?
• Do you need a home office as part of your home building plan?
• How much space do you need for storage in your new home?
• Do you need a basement? And do you want it finished?
• When new home planning think about how large of a garage do you need?
• What other rooms are important to your lifestyle?
• What type of outdoor living space do you need? Porch, screened room, etc.?
• And what else comes to mind for you?

new home Planning Around Your Lifestyle

The next step in new home planning relates to your lifestyle. Again, everyone should participate and write down their answers. :

• How do you want to live? Are you more comfortable in smaller intimate spaces or larger open spaces?
• When planning your new home do you need consider your passion for cooking?
• Do you like to entertain?
• Do you have a lot of guests staying over and does your design need to account for this?
• Do you love to relax and watch movies and should that be part of your home building plan?
• Should your new home have a dedicated space for exercise?
• Do you work out of the home?
• Do you need an area for the kids to blow off steam?
• When new home planning do you need to think about anyone with special needs?
• Do you have a hobby or collection that needs space?

List anything else that comes to mind.

Now that you have a list of wants wished for in your new home review it and refine it. At this point you can’t start planning and designing a floor plan.

I hope your new home planning was successful. Good luck in your home building endeavors.

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