Before signing a contract you should always inquire about the new home warranty program offered by the builder. You can learn a lot about a builder by learning about the warranty he offers. Each type of builder offers their own sort of warranty, so be sure to run a Google search of the warranty company name to learn more about the standards of the company.

New Home Warranty Program Types

New Home Warranty Program: Self Warranty
Some of the larger builders finance their own warranty program. If your builder uses a self warranty, be sure to investigate whether they pay on claims or not. Check in your community and online as well for information on how well a company stands behind their warranty.

New Home Warranty Program: Quality Home Builder’s Warranty

Highly respected quality home builders offer a warranty which is awarded to them, at very low cost, and is based on their performance. These companies are very selective in their clientele and only warranty the best builders. Local builders, especially the ones who call themselves quality builders, or custom builders often have these sorts of warranties. Only the best homebuilders are eligible for these types of warranties. These warranty companies have very few claims, because they only insure superior quality builders. They pay claims promptly, when they occur, and most of them have never had a major claim, because of their selective nature. Of all the warranty options, this type of warranty means the most. It insures that you have chosen a really good builder.

New Home Warranty Program: Warranties Associated with Builder Organizations or Unions

These are usually very good warranties, if the organizations have any standards of membership. Investigate each instance of this type of warranty to insure that the insurance company really is affiliated with the group, and that they pay their claims.

New Home Warranty Program: Warranties Purchased by the Builder

Many small builders just buy warranties, and you can buy the same sorts of warranties for your new home without the builder even being involved. These warranty companies vary and there are quite a few of them. Investigate them as you would an insurance company to see if they pay claims, and if they are reputable. If you do not like this warranty, you can buy one yourself from another company at a relatively low cost.

New Home Warranty Program: Materials Warranty

In addition to the warranty on workmanship, there are warranties for each of the materials and appliances you purchased. Keep these warranties in a folder, in case you have problems with any of the materials.

A great new home warranty program, with a selective clientele is quite important. Ordinary warranties can be purchased anywhere, and if your home builder doe not offer a warranty, you should purchase one yourself. For more information on a new home warranty program, download our free 98 page book, and read the other articles on this site.

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