Quality home building is a phrase often found on advertising for well established traditional home builders. In my mind at least a quality home builder has been in business for more than ten years, and many of them have been in the home building business for generations. Quality home builders are not huge corporations, who turn out homes as if they were running an assembly line. They are not modular home companies who actually do use an assembly line. Their corporate structure usually consists of a father, his sons and perhaps his grandsons. Occasionally brothers or close friends are involved in a partnership as well. In general, Quality home builders use tried and true construction methods to create a strong, durable, classically styled home.

Quality Home Building Builders vs. Custom Home Building Builders

Quality home builders have a lot in common with those who claim the title of custom home builder, but custom home builder’s tastes fly more easily to the fanciful dreams of their clients. They will quickly abandon classic tastes in favor of their client’s creative whims. A good custom home builder makes the impossible dreams of his clients possible with as few modifications as possible. He will only modify in order to maintain perfect structural integrity. He will work with an architect to build dream houses that work, no matter how demanding the imagination of the client. Despite their differences both true quality home builders and true custom home builders are master builders, capable of building sturdy homes with beautiful architecture.

The Common Features of Quality Home Building

• Durability
• Superior Construction
• Expensive looking tasteful moldings
• The best windows, doors and woodwork
• Safe and efficient fireplaces
• Attractive and classically styled stairways
• Well planned and strikingly classic architecture
• Custom Cabinetry
• Tasteful décor and exceptionally well selected paint, carpet and wallpaper*
• Superb blending of color schemes, with a tendency towards earth tones
• Striking architectural features, such as well designed stone fireplaces
• A certain solid feel to floors and stairways, which will not erode or decay over the years
*A quality home builder will advise their clients in selections to make sure that the finished look will be tasteful, even if it means limiting their color selections

Quality Home Building vs. Luxury Home Building

What are the differences between a quality home and a luxury home? In theory there are very few differences, and many so called luxury homes are actually quality homes. It is also important to realize that in practice, some so called luxury homes are not of high quality despite their high prices. It is an unfortunate fact that some luxury home builders get so obsessed with expensive interior finishing materials that they forget about the importance of a good foundation and framing structure. They ignore details, which are vital to the longevity of the home, while covering the interior with all sorts of carved woodwork, marble, fancy tile and hardwood flooring. A true quality home builder would never forget that structure, longevity and architectural stability far outweigh the importance of expensive finishing materials. Neither would a true luxury builder forget these things, but a lot that passes for luxury today, truly isn’t. In my opinion luxury home building is a very over used word, and a severely underused practice.

Luxury Home Building vs. the Big 20 Homebuilding Corporations
It is a fact that about 70 percent of the homes built in America today are built by giant nationwide corporations. These corporations are apparently beset daily, with unanswered complaints which fall on deaf ears, and are only heard on internet housing horror story pages. At least that is the impression one gets when researching home builders on line. To be fair, perhaps some locations of these monster sized corporations are better than others, and perhaps we only hear about their lemons. Still as we read the warnings of previous clients, those of us accustomed to dealing with quality home builders wonder what on earth they are even talking about. There are some huge differences between quality home builders and the big building corporations.

• Quality home building builders offer warranties and stand behind their work.
• Quality home building builders do not hire salesmen who are unfamiliar with the building process.
• Quality home building builders do not insert arbitration clauses in their contracts.
• Quality home building builders are not hard to reach, and answer their phones.
• With a quality home building builder the buck doesn’t get passed around, and if it does it stops in the senior builder’s office. He will gladly meet with clients and former clients to resolve any complaints or problems that arise.

Still, even with the obvious superiority of quality home builders, the big corporate builders are getting the lion’s share of the work, and quality home builders are a vanishing breed in some areas. Promises of bargain prices, and fabulous luxury are hurting the old fashioned quality home builders, who rarely advertise, and often conduct business much as they have for the last 50 years. If there are still a few in your area, be sure to consider your local quality home building companies when choosing a builder.

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