Quality Home Construction isn’t always about marble hot tubs and fantastic archways. The most important part of quality home construction starts with the structure itself. It is the things that remain unseen that are most important. Lumber grade and quality are vitally important. Of course we want the perks and pretty things too, but building a house with all the shiny stuff and poor quality lumber is a bit like going without proper nutrition and health care to buy a new wardrobe. It is not a very good decision long term. Let me walk you through a few key elements related to quality home construction.

Quality Home Construction Keys

Quality Home Construction Key: Lumber
Lumber quality and size are rarely seen once the home is built, but they are crucial to lasting quality. Most modern homes are put together with 2” x 4” pine studs which are actually more like 1 and ¾” by 3 and 3/4” These are the industry standard now days, but home owners can request larger or stronger boards if they desire. Another industry standard that should be challenged is the use of particle board instead of ¾ inch plywood for sub floors, roof underlayment and sheeting to place between studs and the exterior siding. In most cases your home will be wrapped in lumber before the siding goes on and the quality of that lumber determines the strength and durability of your home. ¾ inch ply wood is the best, and especially important for the roof and sub floor.

Quality Home Construction Key: Building Codes
Building codes provide the minimum safe requirements for a building. Some States have seemingly excessive or extraneous rules. No one quite understands the reasoning behind a few of them, but all building codes must be followed to the letter. While there are a few building codes that may be excessive, there are many which are vitally important, and a few others which are perhaps not strict enough. Making sure your home is up to code is obviously the minimum requirement. Building inspectors will check your construction site regularly to make sure that all the laws are being followed. Still it doesn’t hurt to know the codes and check them for yourself as you observe your home being built.

Quality Home Construction Key: Hiring a Good Home Builder or Contractor
Building codes are one of many reasons for hiring a professional contractor or home builder. The contractor will make sure that all construction is within code. Often ‘do it yourselfers’ are forced to rip out work they’ve already done and re-do work because of code violations. Little details like 18” doesn’t mean 18” apart, or the need for insulation placed under floor boards have cost do it yourselfers a lot of time, and money. It is vitally important that your home meet or exceed all building codes. Exceeding the code is perfectly acceptable in most cases, but a building contractor would be certain which codes could be exceeded to make your home stronger. Quality home construction also includes a lot of visible differences, including woodwork, special molding, quality cabinetry, more expensive counter tops, unusual architectural features such as archways, carved fireplace mantles, and the incorporation of stone as a building material. There are many things that make up quality home construction, but it all starts with a sound structure and good design and quality craftsmanship.

Let’s quickly recap what we’ve covered…

Quality Home Construction Overview:

1. A big key to quality home construction is the structure itself.
2. Lumber quality and size are crucial to lasting quality.
3. Building codes provide the minimum safe requirements for a building.
4. Hiring a reputable home builder or contractor goes miles in achieving quality home construction.
5. Get as educated as you can on quality home construction and the overall home building process. Download the free New Home Steps Guide above and become smart on home building from start to finish.

Let me know if you have any questions. I hope you this article on quality home construction useful.

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