When you decide to build a new home you will need to interview home builders. Here are some basic questions to ask a home builder to get you started. Please add your own as well. Starter questions to ask a home builder include:

How long have you been in business building new homes? If a home builder that has been in the business for a number of years means he must do quality work to stay in business that long.

Do you have references? If the builder does quality work, they will have customers that they can refer to you for an unbiased opinion.

More Questions To Ask A Home Builder

Another questions to ask a home builder is what type of insurance does the company carry. Three types are important – personal liability, workmen’s compensation, and property damage. This will insure the homeowner is not held liable for any damage or injuries that may occur or if the home burns down during constructions. Some builders and mortgage companies will require that you carry the insurance for this type of scenario.

Find out where they will be purchasing building materials. It is important to insure that the materials are of the best quality. Substandard materials will reduce the quality and life expectancy of the home.

Find out the length of time expected to complete the home building process. Time and the elements can delay progress for days or even weeks at a time. Also, there are various inspections by city or county officials that have to be done at different stages of the construction progress.

Another important question is payment to the builder. Most builders work on a “draw” method of payment. The contractor will get a “draw” at certain stages of the construction – usually when the framework is finished and approved by inspectors, another when the well and septic are finished(if the home is being built outside the city limits), and a final payment when the building inspector has issued a CO (certificate of occupancy).

Ask the home builder about walk-throughs. It is the buyer’s opportunity to see the quality of the work and to insure the builder is not cutting any corners.

Make sure that all of the answers meet specific guidelines, expectations, and most of all, the budget. And if you don’t understand the answer ask for clarification. Interview more than one local builder.

These of course are just some of the questions to ask a home builder. Let’s recap…

Questions To Ask A Home Builder Overview:

1. Make sure to ask questions of prospective home builders
2. Make sure the answers are thorough and meet your expectations
3. Learn more questions to ask a home builder by downloading the free New Home Steps Guide above and become savvy on hiring a home builder.

I hope this helps. Good luck in your home building endeavors.

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