It is important to have a list of questions to ask when choosing a home builder. This article should be adapted to your specific situation, but it is a good resource to help you get started on your own list. Interviewing home builders can be a bit intimidating, simply because these are such important meetings. During the interview your home builder will be asking you questions about your future home. You will be asking questions about his procedures, commonly used materials, and his crew and subcontractors. While you want him to answer your questions, answering his questions will help him answer your biggest questions about quality and price. Take your time and make sure that the type and quality of all the materials is addressed.

Questions to Ask when Choosing a Home Builder Tips

Questions to Ask when Choosing a Home Builder Tip One: Be Prepared
You should come to the interview prepared. Know exactly what you want in a home, including not only a tentative floor plan, and design ideas, but also specific building materials you prefer. You should also have a general knowledge of other materials and building processes, so that you will already have some opinion of any substitutions he suggests.

Know as much as possible about the home builders. Don’t just read their websites, investigate each builder completely. Learn about their background and previous homes built in your area. You should drive by homes each builder has built and attend real estate open houses. Research all the local builders, until you have narrowed your choices down to four or six and then interview each of those and ask for a quote. Make sure the quality and materials included in each bid are equal.

Questions to Ask when Choosing a Home Builder Tip Two: Questions
Here are some questions to answer about builders. You should have already established that he is one of the best builders in your area.

• Ask about homes the builder has built in the past.
• What is the average square footage?
• What is the average price per square foot?
• What are the energy efficiency levels, and R-values of your homes?
• What sized studs do you use?
• What sort of subfloor, underlayment and sheathing do you normally use?

Questions to Ask when Choosing a Home Builder Tip One: Clarify Elements
At this point, state your needs and requirements carefully. Show him your home building journal, and make sure he gets a clear picture of the home you want. Be very clear on how you wish your home to be built. Clarify the specifics, of your quote, to insure that your quote includes your preference of a foundation, basement or slab. Then verify the other building materials and insulation. Insuring that your standards are met is the best way to make your quotes comparable. Any sort of substitute materials, or varying brands should be carefully noted. Inquire politely which subcontractors will do the work, and what their skill levels and qualifications are.

It is important to ask questions to insure your quality standards in the materials used. It is also important to establish the skill level of subcontractors, because these factors could impact the amount of your quote, and the quality of your finished home as well. It is a very common mistake among first time home buyers, to compare apples to oranges, or more accurately apples to lemons, when it comes to construction. Insure that your quotes are all based on the same quality of construction. There is nothing worse than accepting a low bid only to find out materials included in that bid are of a much lower quality than other bids. By remembering the right questions to ask when choosing a home builder, you can insure that your quotes will be comparable to each other, and that you are at least requesting a quote on the same house from one contractor to another.