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When embarking on new construction projects it’s crucial to consider the expenses involved.

One such financial aspect involves the rcc construction cost.

RCC or Reinforced Cement Concrete is a popular choice in construction due to its durability and resilience.

However many aren’t aware of the variables that can affect the cost of RCC construction.

Why is there a fluctuation in RCC construction costs?Can you predict these costs ahead of your project commencement?These are questions many construction enthusiasts and professionals struggle with.

Rcc Construction Cost

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Rcc Construction Cost

The RCC construction cost is influenced by a wide array of factors. These include the price of the required materials such as cement sand and bricks the wages of the construction workers the cost of essential heavy machinery the complexity of the project as well as regional variations in prices and market fluctuations.

An approximate estimation of the total RCC construction cost for a project can be calculated by considering all these aspects against the materials required and the wage cost.

For instance construction of a 1240 sqft area RCC slab could vary in cost. If we assume the thickness of the slab to be 125mm the total volume of concrete required would be 9.3m3.

For M20 grade concrete the quantity of materials needed would be 400kg/m3 cement 600kg sand and 1200kg coarse aggregate. For reinforcement we would need a minimum of 700kg of steel.

With the current market rates the total cost comes to around Rs. 115150 which is subject to vary ±2-3% depending on actual site conditions.

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Average Cost Per Square Foot

In today’s market the average cost of RCC construction per square foot is approximately $150. However the actual cost can vary significantly based on locality the quality of materials chosen and the complexity of the project.

For example construction cost of a residential tenement in the Bengaluru region of India ranges from Rs. 800/sq.

ft. to Rs. 2500/sq.

ft. with the cost of fine details like electric wiring plumbing and exclusive paintwork often being excluded from this cost.

Another critical aspect is the structural design and architectural drawings that govern the construction process. Thumb rule quantities for a constructed area of 1000 sq.

ft. includes 400 bags of cement 51 cubic meters or 81600 kg of sand 38 cubic meters or 60800 kg of aggregate and 4 kg/sq. ft. or 4000 kg/1000 sq.

ft. of steel. It should be noted that these rules are flexible and can be modified based on the preferences of the client technology chosen and structural requirements.

Material Costs

Material prices significantly influence the RCC construction cost amounting to about 40% of the total cost. These materials primarily include cement aggregate and steel.

For instance to construct an RCC slab within a 1240 sqft area using an assume thickness of 125mm you’ll need cement = 400kg/m3 sand = 600kg and coarse aggregate = 1200kg.

Factoring in the quantity of steel required which is a minimum of 75kg/m3 concrete for a total volume of 9.3m3 the total cost would be Rs. 79150

Labor Wages

Labor wages also form a substantial portion (about 30%) of the RCC construction cost. Skilled workers typically receive an average hourly wage of $25.

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The exact cost can however vary depending on the actual site condition and the construction process utilized. It’s also important to note that additional costs like shuttering amount can push the total cost upwards.

For instance assuming a shuttering rate of Rs. 45/Sft the shuttering amount for an 800sft area would be Rs.

36000. This would put the total cost (including materials) at Rs.


  • Construction cost of a 1240 sqft area RCC slab can vary
  • Assume thickness of slab as 125mm
  • Total volume of concrete = 74.3 * 0.125 = 9.3m3
  • For M20 grade concrete quantity of materials required is Cement = 400kg/m3 Sand = 600kg Coarse aggregate = 1200kg
  • Cement required = 9.3 * 400 = 3720kg = 74.4 bags
Cement required (kg) Sand required (kg) Coarse aggregate required (kg) Steel required (kg)
3720 5580 11160 700

Equipment Costs

The equipment costs in RCC construction contribute to around 20% of the total construction cost. This is primarily due to the requirement for heavy machinery and specialized tools.

The exact cost can vary with construction costs benchmark set by the construction industry. Tools necessary for constructing a 10-square feet area or 1000 sq.

ft. area include a variety of machinery like pumps provided by companies like Andritz and vibes.

Assuming an RCC slab construction for areas like 1240 sqft area or 1100 sqft area machinery and tools like batching plants and pumps used provided by companies like Andritz or fabricated concrete poured by Custom Home Builders Contractors are used extensively. Equipment costs will necessarily include these along with other costs.

The construction cost tracking spreadsheet will help in keeping track of these costs and helps with construction cost control measures. Using such tools can lead to construction cost reduction strategies being implemented effectively which can optimize the RCC construction cost.

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Other factors affecting equipment cost are the ongoing updates in Construction Technologies such as the potential future use of AAC Blocks or Precast Hollow Core panels which can impact the overall construction cost. For instance with the advance of technology equipment costs for building with insulated EPS Panels could differ significantly from other construction methods.

It is essential to study construction cost comparison and explore cost-effective options to ensure a budget-friendly approach. Construction cost management software helps manage costs more efficiently proving beneficial in long-term projects.

Finally remember that the region like Bengaluru region may also impact the price of equipment due to regional variations in taxation and transportation.

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