The residential home building process has become much more widely varied in the past decade. New green technology and concern for energy efficiency led to some major changes and a wide array of options in the building process. The importance of energy efficiency and the overall ecological concerns revolutionized the building industry.

The New Residential Home Building Process

New Residential Home Building Process: New Materials
Insulated concrete, bamboo flooring and “plywood” that isn’t made of trees, are all part of the new home building choices. There are some old materials that are making a comeback as well. Linoleum has re-emerged in a new form due to its ecological and hypoallergenic benefits. It’s a completely natural product made of linseed oil, not petroleum, so that makes it suddenly popular again. Carpet made of recycled plastics also has some amazing qualities.

New Residential Home Building Process: Time Saving Methods

Residential Home Building Process: Time Saving Methods Modular Homes
Modular homes are built to completion in a factory, in sections, trucked to the site and assembled on your foundation in less than two weeks. These are not just shells, they come complete with carpet, painted dry wall, and cabinetry already in place before they leave the factory.

Residential Home Building Process: Time Saving Methods Structural Insulated Panels
Structural insulated panels of various types can be assembled in a factory also, and shipped to your lot. Structural insulated panels can be used for walls and roof as well. The panels are either placed by hand or with a crane, and the whole home can be put together in a matter of days. There are several different types of panels, including concrete insulated panels, log panels, insulated log panels, and OSB plywood over polystyrene panels. There are even metal over polystyrene panels.

Residential Home Building Process: Time Saving Methods Insulated Concrete
Insulated concrete forms are another great choice. They are perfect for basement walls, but can also be used for walls. When using insulated concrete forms, the lightweight forms are placed upright in the proper place, and then poured full of concrete from the top. Insulated concrete forms are easy and can be done with a small crew. It is a simple method that can be learned in only one day of training.

Residential Home Building Process: Time Saving Methods Shotcrete
Shotcrete has finally found its way into acceptance as well, when used in conjunction with polystyrene or polyurethane sheets covered with wire mesh. Panels can be easily constructed in advance. Then a home is built completely out of the panels. When all the panels are in place, they can be sprayed with shotcrete. Shotcrete of course is sprayed from the bottom up allowing lower floors to dry before spraying an upper floor or the roof. This simple method is a very simple and economical way to build an energy efficient shell.

Residential Home Building Process: Time Saving Methods Kits
Kits are also a popular way to build a home. Panel kits and modular kits are both very popular for do it yourselfers. The most important thing about kits is to research them carefully before ordering. In order to compare kits it is important to know exactly what is included in each one. Learn all you can about each kit you are considering, and compare the price with the cost of having a shell built on your property.

Residential Home Building Process: Time Saving Methods Shipping Containers
Used Shipping Containers are one of the quickest and most economical ways to get a home on your lot. Have a company place the used shipping containers on your foundation, and begin finishing the open end with a glass door and a floor to ceiling window panel. Windows can be cut out and framed to fit any sized windows or additional doors. Then simply finish the interior. Your containers can either be painted or covered with a variety of siding choices. While roofing isn’t absolutely necessary, it is desirable and can be accomplished by simply covering your containers with roof trusses then sheath with plywood and apply shingles. It is also possible to use more than one shipping container. Shipping containers can be stacked for a two story home.

The residential home building process can thus be accomplished in a number of ways as well as the old fashioned stick built way. For more information on the residential home building process please download our 98 page free book, and see other articles on this site for information on various materials and techniques.

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