Roofing Timber Prices At Build It


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If you’re wondering about the cost of roofing timber at Build It you’re not alone.

Many homeowners are curious about this while planning a construction or renovation project.

Knowing the prices could be essential for budget planning.

However establishing an accurate pricing for roofing timber is not straightforward.

It can be influenced by many factors from the type and quality of the wood to current market conditions.

So what most influences the price of roofing timber at Build It?

Roofing Timber Prices At Build It

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Roofing Timber Prices

At Build It there are 28 distinct options for roofing timber prices. The prices vary widely depending on the specific type and size of the timber.

These options provide customers the flexibility to find the right roofing timber suitable for their needs and budgets. Notably Build It offers both affordable and high-end options catering to a broad range of customers.

Furthering the point different types of timber have varying prices permitting customers to choose based on their preferences and requirements. Moreover Build It ensures the prices are regularly updated in line with market trends and customer demands.

The pricing strategy at this Hardware Store like at the Build It Platinum Rustenburg has prices such as 38x38x6.6m timber at R49.99 and 38x38x3.6m timber for R29.99.

Types And Sizes

Build It’s extensive range of roofing timbers is available in various types and sizes. For example the IBR Sheeting come in sizes 0.3mm and 0.47mm x 6.6m.

The difference in size influences the pricing; the 0.47mm x 6.6m IBR Sheeting fetches R389.90 whereas the 0.3mm variation costs R279.90. This pricing variation allows customers to weigh their needs against their financial capabilities thereby making informed decisions.

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For customers seeking specific sizes and types of roofing materials especially for the IBR sheets and roofing timber they can get in touch with the store for more information.

Compare And Choose

At Build It you will find 28 different options for roofing timber catering to the diverse needs preferences and requirements of our customers. With abundant choices and detailed information available you’ll have the convenience to compare prices and features of different roofing timbers and choose the one that best suits your budget and requirement.

You have options to choose from different dimensions like 38x38x6.6m 38x38x3.6m and more. Similarly there is a variety of IBR Sheeting sizes like 0.3mm x 6.6m 0.47mm x 6.6m etc.

Prices for these items are available on our website in the Hardware Store section.

Affordable And High-Quality

High quality doesn’t always have to come at a high price. At Build It you can find options that are both affordable and high-quality.

We ensure to provide all our customers with options that meet the industry standards for quality and durability.

We take pride in being a market leader in building and construction materials. Regular updates of our prices to match market trends and customer demands ensures that you get the best value for your investment.

Product Price
38x38x6.6m timber R49.99
38x38x3.6m timber R29.99
IBR Sheeting 0.3mm x 6.6m R279.90
IBR Sheeting 0.47mm x 6.6m R389.90

For inquiries about specific sizes and prices for IBR sheets and roofing timber visit our store or contact us at 014 594 1478.

Updated Pricing Options

Build It offers a variety of roofing timber choices to cater to the diverse needs of customers. The prices for this construction material mainly depend on the specific type and size.

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Build It’s online platform provides up-to-date details on available options and their corresponding prices. For example roofing timber prices at Build It Platinum Rustenburg are listed as follows:

The 38x38x6.6m timber is priced at R49.99 while the 38x38x3.6m size is available at a competitive rate of R29.99.

The store also offers IBR Sheeting options. The 0.3mm x 6.6m size is priced at R279.90.

Additionally the 0.47mm x 6.6m dimension is listed at R389.90.

Do note that the promotion is no longer valid but customers are welcome to inquire about current offers and updated pricing options. For further information Build It encourages customers to visit their store create an account on their website or contact them directly.

With Build It customers can trust that they have access to a wide selection of roofing timber and other building materials. These options aim to meet industry standards for quality and durability while ensuring the best value for their investment.

Thus updating its roofing timber prices regularly Build It keeps up with market trends and customer demands maintaining its position as a market leader in building and construction materials.

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