Shaw Floors Costco Reviews

Are you considering purchasing Shaw Floors from Costco?

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Before making any decisions it’s important to read reviews to avoid a potential nightmare.

In this article we will take a closer look at the Shaw Floors Costco reviews and present a solution that can help you make an informed decision.

Shaw Floors Costco Reviews

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Shaw Floors at Costco

Shaw floors are available for purchase at Costco a well-known and reputable chain business. Among the various flooring options offered by Shaw some popular lines include Bellera Anderson Tuftex and Floorté.

The Floorte line in particular has gained attention for its water-resistant and durable features.

Costco members can earn a 2% reward through an Executive Membership when purchasing Shaw flooring. Additionally a Costco Shop Card is offered for qualifying Shaw Flooring purchases.

However special order custom and installed merchandise cannot be returned or refunded. When browsing Costco’s selection of Shaw flooring products it’s essential to compare online and check the reviews as some customers have had negative experiences with Shaw floors.

Professional Installation

While Costco offers Shaw flooring at competitive prices the quality of installation could impact the overall experience. In some cases Costco uses local contractors to perform the floor installation resulting in varied levels of workmanship and customer service.

Some customers have reported positive experiences with professional installation. For example a Reddit user shared their successful installation with Costco’s contracted company Smart Carpet.

On the other hand others have encountered issues with the process such as a lack of support from Costco damage during installation and pushy sales tactics. Due to these potential risks it’s essential to research installation options and consider hiring a professional flooring company or experienced installer to ensure the best results.

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Alternative Flooring Options

  • CaliBamboo Vinyl Pro
  • Mohawk laminate flooring
  • Coretec vinyl plank flooring

Key Tips for a Successful Flooring Experience

  1. Inspect the product upon delivery for any damage or defects
  2. Compare prices from different retailers and read reviews
  3. Work with an experienced installer to ensure proper installation
  4. Choose a flooring option that suits your needs such as durability water resistance and pet-friendly features
  5. Regularly maintain your floors by cleaning and addressing any minor issues promptly

Smart Carpet Experiences

When it comes to purchasing Shaw floors from Costco customers have had mixed experiences. Some have had positive experiences with the installation process provided by Costco’s contracted company Smart Carpet.

However others have faced negative experiences such as damage to their homes during the installation process and lack of support from Costco when issues arise. Some reviewers recommend turning to a professional flooring company instead of relying on a big box store like Costco for flooring installation and customer service.

Floorte Waterproof Resilience

Shaw offers a popular line of flooring products called Floorte known for being waterproof and resilient. It has been a popular choice for many Costco customers but the experiences have been quite varied.

Some customers report a negative experience with the durability of their Floorte flooring observing peeling visible damage and scratches after just a few years of use. On the other hand others have had no issues with their Floorte floors and praise their resilience even with pets in the house.

When considering Shaw floors from Costco it’s crucial to conduct thorough research and speak with knowledgeable professionals about the specific product you’re interested in purchasing. It may also be worth considering alternative flooring options such as CaliBamboo Vinyl Pro or Mohawk laminate flooring depending on your specific needs and preferences.

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Useful Information

Shaw Flooring Options Costco Benefits Warnings
Bellera Anderson Tuftex Floorté 2% reward with Executive Membership Wood dust exposure may cause cancer
Pet-friendly options available Costco Shop Card for qualifying purchases Special order items non-returnable
Consultation required Additional services: gas optical hearing aids Terms and conditions apply

Jenkins Brick Negative Review

A customer had a negative experience with Shaw floors purchased from Jenkins Brick. After only 4 years the floors started peeling and showing visible damage despite proper care and maintenance.

This highlights the importance of thorough research and choosing a reputable flooring manufacturer and installer.

Shaw Citadel from Menard’s

One reviewer shared a positive experience with Shaw Citadel vinyl plank floors purchased from Menard’s. They noted that the floors still looked perfect after 4 years even with three Great Danes in the house.

This indicates that the right product and installation can lead to a durable and long-lasting flooring solution for homes with pets.

Mixed Opinions on Shaw Floorte Classic LVT Flooring

Customers have mixed opinions on the durability of Shaw Floorte Classic LVT flooring. Some experienced scratches and damage while others had no issues.

It’s essential to consider individual circumstances installation quality and maintenance when choosing a flooring option.

  • Alternative flooring options recommended by some reviewers include CaliBamboo Vinyl Pro and Mohawk laminate flooring.
  • Instances of customers successfully receiving refunds from Shaw for their flooring have been reported.

Shaw Flooring Options and Costco Rewards

Shaw offers various flooring options including Bellera Anderson Tuftex and Floorté. Bellera is recommended for pet owners.

Costco Executive Membership offers a 2% reward on qualifying purchases including Shaw Flooring.

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Costco Shaw Flooring Consultation and Services

For more information on Shaw flooring from Costco a consultation is required. Costco also offers various services like gas optical and hearing aids and has locations in multiple countries including the United States Canada and the United Kingdom.

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