Whether building homes is your livelihood or you are planning a home for yourself, it is important to know the steps new home building requires. From foundation to roof shingles, this article gives you a glimpse.

Steps New home building: Location, Location, Location
Before beginning construction, the first step to new home building is to determine if the plan is suitable for construction. This will be based on factors like zoning ordinances, type of lots, legally binding private regulations that would prohibit the chosen size of the house or ban additional structures, septic systems, soil types, and natural contours. In addition to the plot plan, other documents will probably be required by the mortgage loan lender include certificate of occupancy and certified plot plan, and the sign-off which suggests the building is ready to be occupied.

Steps New home building: Laying the Foundation
The next step to new home building is laying a sound foundation. Earth is considered the final support to a building. A building that adheres to proper design and foundation system minimizes the settlement and distributes the loads uniformly around the structure. Concrete, one of the most ancient building material made of sand and crushed stone, are available in different types. It takes around 28 days for the concrete to reach its fullest strength, and adding accelerator like Calcium Chloride will fasten the process in 7 days. The process of curing also determines the eventual strength of concrete in the final structure.

Steps New home building: Wood for Construction
Wood generally is applied next. Wood is the most useful and versatile building material that will be used in constructing your home. Depending on the density, wood is classified as hard and soft. Particle board, made of wood chips combined with synthetic resin binders and pressed to form, are flat sheet and often used for roofs and flooring, while lumber is used extensively for framing exterior walls, floors and floors.

Steps New home building: Windows and Doors

Next windows and doors are installed. Windows and doors provide a home with lighting and decoration. Windows often times make up around 10 to 45 percent of the total wall area and may be hinged at the side, top or bottom.

Steps New home building: Insulation
Installation is added. One of the major concerns in construction these days is emphasizing energy conservation and proper insulation. Fiber glass insulation is often the preferred insulation type over the cellulose variety. Insulation is critical for keeping your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Well, this is really a simple and basic overview to wet your appetite for more information. Please keep in mind that construction methods vary from builder to builder and geographic location. As you can imagine there is so much more to know and understand. I recommend you download the free new home Steps Guide above on the right hand side and become completely savvy on the overall home building process.

Let’s recap what we just covered…

Steps for New home building Overview:

1. Check to determine if your plan is suitable for construction.
2. The next step to new home building is laying a sound foundation.
3. Wood is constructed.
4. Windows and doors are installed.
5. Installation is added.
6. Learn more about home building and communicating with your home builder by downloading the free new home Steps Guide above on the right hand side and become savvy on the overall home building process.

Let me know if you have any questions. Good luck with your home building endeavors.