When buying a new home, a lot of research is necessary to determine that you will be satisfied with the new structure. These tips on buying a new home are just the beginning. There are many things to consider before buying a new home. Seek more information by downloading our 98 page guide on new home construction at the top of this page.

Tips on Buying a New Home: The Three Most Important Aspects of a New Home

1. Location – Real estate sales people always say that Location alone amounts to the top three concerns of a home. Location, location and location! However structure and the builder are also important.

2. Structure – Structure is of vital importance and there are many new materials to consider, as well as traditional stick built construction. Be sure to do a lot of research on various new energy efficient materials and insulation.

3. Builder Reputation – It may not seem important to know your builder, but the lasting durability of your home depends on the expertise of your builder. Find older homes your builder has built and establish that they are structurally sound. Find out if the home owners are satisfied with their home.

Tips on Buying a New Home: What’s Important in Choosing a Location?

• City, County, Farm, Development or Suburbs – This is a matter of personal choice, but most people have an overwhelming preference. Remember that city and suburb lots will have city water and sewer, complete with water bill, while County areas will have a well and septic complete with necessary maintenance. Tax rates also vary between city and county.
• School District – This is becoming increasingly important. If you have children and do not home school, spend some time with school aged children to find out how it is to attend public school in your area.
• Neighborhood – Drive around the neighborhood at different times during the day to look for things that you might find annoying. What you find annoying depends on you, but some common irritants are loose dogs, messy lawns or children wandering the neighborhood unsupervised. Be sure to drive around at night to see how quiet or noisy it is during sleeping hours.
• Street – Busy streets can be dangerous for children and pets. Traffic noise can also be annoying. Notice how much traffic goes by the house, and how much you can hear traffic from inside the house.
• Safety Factors – Find out about crime in the area. If you are from another area, ask the locals about incidents that may go unreported.

Tips on Buying a New Home: Important Aspects of Structure

• Durability – Check the attic and crawl space to survey the type of lumber used in your home. Make sure that lumber is adequate. If an alternative material is used, research it and then look at the home to make sure all materials were correctly applied. Bring an expert with you to look at the home if you are in doubt.
• Energy Efficiency – Make sure your home is as energy efficient as possible for long term savings.
• Quality Features – Notice any woodwork, stone countertops or expensive plumbing features which may add value to the home.
• Size – With the rising importance of energy efficiency, bigger isn’t necessarily better. Consider the cost of heating when looking at large homes. Today many builders are advocating smaller more efficient homes. Be sure your home has no wasted spaces.
• Appearance – Appearance is a matter of taste but still important. Choose a home that you find visually appealing. Many people buy homes for other reasons, but you do want to fall in love with your new home.

Tips on Buying a New Home: What to Look for in a Builder

• Long Standing Reputation – Your home builder or contractor should have years of experience, and be well spoken of by others in the home building industry.
• Long Standing Houses (pardon the pun, but I mean literally) Houses which have stood at least some test of time.
• Hires Only Licensed Electricians and Plumbers – One of the most important features of your home is the wiring. Faulty wiring can cause fires. Faulty plumbing can be very annoying as well.
• Demonstrates Product Knowledge – The builder of your home should be able to discuss construction with you, and explain various features he has installed.
• Offers a Home Owner’s Warranty – There are many organizations which sponsor home owner warranties. Your home owner should belong to one of these organizations, and give you a reputable warranty.

Use these suggestions as a guide for selecting a new home. Research and learn more about new building techniques and materials. These tips on buying a new home are intended as an aid for home buyers, to help them discover what they truly want in a home.