Tulsa Vs Oklahoma City


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When it comes to the contest of Tulsa versus Oklahoma City there’s more to the story than meets the eye.

These two Oklahoma cities each with its unique charm and character cannot be judged superficially.

They offer diverse experiences from cultural treasures to breathtaking landscapes and from bustling city life to serene spots of solace.

But what does this rivalry truly entail?

Is it evident in the mindset of the residents or stamped in the cityscape?

The answer might surprise you.

Tulsa Vs Oklahoma City

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Tulsa Vs Oklahoma City

When comparing Tulsa to Oklahoma City several key factors stand out. The population of Tulsa stands at 410652 while Oklahoma City is home to 673183 citizens.

Oklahoma City is more heavily populated and slightly more densely populated giving it a distinctly different vibe. On the other hand Tulsa stands out for its diversity and welcoming ambiance as well as its rich Native American history.

Another aspect that varies between the cities is territory. Tulsa has a land area of 197.5 square miles and 4.3 square miles of water whereas Oklahoma City covers a land area of 606.4 square miles and 14.4 square miles of water.

Terrain-wise Tulsa is greener and hilly while Oklahoma City possesses a flat prairie-like geography.

Demographic-wise the cities have similarities and dissimilarities. Tulsa has a female population of 51.2% and male population of 48.8% compared to Oklahoma City with a female and male population of 50.4% and 49.6% respectively.

Both cities also showcase a variety of ages in their population. However the average Tulsa resident is noticeably older with a median age of 35.6 to Oklahoma City’s median age of 34.9.

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Music Scene Comparison

Both Tulsa and Oklahoma City offer vibrant music scenes. However each city tends to attract different music fans due to the genres prominently featured in each.

As a huge music lover an individual’s interests might sway their preference.

The Tulsa music scene caters to a wide variety of genres attracting a diverse crowd of music enthusiasts. It is known for its rich live music shows and various art exhibits.

It includes art galleries and monthly art walks that often feature live music giving it a cosmopolitan feel.

In comparison Oklahoma City has a more rural feel and trends towards genres that blend well with its cowboy culture. Live music venues often highlight country and rock bands giving locals and visitors a unique blend of the city’s historical and cultural influence.

Historical Attractions

Tulsa zipcode 74137 boasts a rich Native American history the footprint of which can still be seen today in captivating historical exhibits. The city carries the scars of the Black Wallstreet Massacre in the 1920s providing strong historical landmarks for visitors and locals alike.

On the other hand Oklahoma City zipcode 73159 carries a history tied to the Land Run. As the state capital OKC is home to the National Cowboy Hall of Fame making it an alluring destination for history buffs and cowboy culture enthusiasts.

Off-Roading Opportunities

If you’re an owner of a modded Jeep in search of off-roading activities both cities have opportunities that whet your adventurous appetite. Tulsa zipcode 74133 being greener and hilly offers more wooded areas trails and challenging terrains for off-roading.

In contrast Oklahoma City with its zipcode 73120 known for its flat and prairie-like landscape provides less challenging but vast and open trails for off-roading – it is an ideal setting for novices testing the waters of this adrenaline-pumping pursuit.

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Fitness And Wellness Options

Tulsa with zip codes like 74105 74107 74112 74115 74129 74133 offers substantial fitness and wellness options. A famous one is gym amenities that offer rock climbing.

These are not only good for the good paying jobs they offer but also for those who advocate for a healthier lifestyle.

In Oklahoma City there are wellness centers commonly found in areas with zip codes like 73112 73119 73120 73132 73159. These provide holistic health services and programs for all ages ranging from age 0 to 4 to age 85 and over.

  • Tulsa promotes health with its trails designed for off-roading attracting Jeep enthusiasts.
  • Oklahoma City is known for gym facilities that advocate for healthier routines like smoking avoidance and drinking soda minimization.

Diversity And Inclusivity

Tulsa and Oklahoma City demonstrate diversity and inclusivity in their communities. With a percentage of Native American population of 4.2% in Tulsa and 2.4% in Oklahoma City there’s diversity in ethnicity.

Both cities also support inclusivity through initiatives such as supporting LGBT causes advocating for gay marriage and being respectful of personal choices including being pro-choice.

  • Tulsa stands out with its interactive map search for the best places to live indicating inclusive neighborhoods in zip codes like 74135 74136 74137 74145.
  • Oklahoma City a city with zip codes like 73162 73170 is known for its more rural prairie feel and promotes inclusivity in child care options and juvenile activities.

Population And Demographics

Tulsa and Oklahoma City two vibrant culturally-rich cities in the Sooner State exhibit diverse demographic profiles. The population of Tulsa approximately stands at 410652 while Oklahoma City 73159 witnesses a higher population of around 673183.

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Oklahoma City with zip codes like 731127311973120731327316273170 is marginally more densely populated than Tulsa evidencing a demographic statistic trend.

With regard to gender demographics the female population in Tulsa is slightly higher accounting for 51.2% against Oklahoma City’s 50.4%. Conversely Oklahoma City has a higher male population at 49.6% compared to Tulsa’s 48.8%.

A noticeable difference exists in the median ages with Oklahoma City having a younger median age of 34.9 compared to Tulsa’s 35.6.

An interesting fact to note is that people in Oklahoma City 73120 are 8.7% more likely to be married in comparison to those residing in Tulsa 74105 and its other zip codes such as 741337413574136.

The population spike in both cities has been commendable. Tulsa 74112 saw an increase by 2.6% from 2000 to now and Oklahoma City experienced a sharp 30.9% jump in its population.

This indicates the thriving opportunities and quality of life offered by both these state gems.

An analysis of racial demographics shows a predominant white population in both Tulsa (53.2%) and Oklahoma City (53.1%). Tulsa 74129 also boasts of a 14.6% black population and a 17.1% Hispanic population.

A similar trend is noticeable in Oklahoma City 73170 with a black population of 13.6% and a Hispanic population of 19.9%.

To summarize both Tulsa and Oklahoma City present dynamic diverse and multicultural socio-demographic landscapes each having its own unique appeal.

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