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If you want to combine your two full-sized beds, you may be wondering just how large a bed this will create. Do two full-sized beds make a queen-sized bed or even a king-sized bed?

This is a common question as people may want to combine two beds in order to be able to have a larger one. This is a great option since it helps you to use what you have instead of buying a new bed that is larger.

Beds are very ex[ensive and not everyone wants to spend that kind of money on a larger bed. Especially if they already have an extra bed lying around that isn’t being used.

Keep reading to find out what size of bed two full beds make when you put them together.

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What Size Bed Do Two Full-Size Beds Make Together?

Doubling up on your bed and putting two full beds together creates a bed that is going to usually be 108 inches wide and 75 inches long. This is not any standard size of bed as it surpasses the size of both a queen and king bed.

Full beds are slightly larger than twin beds and tend to be one of the more common bed sizes. They aren’t too small or too large and tend to be the perfect fit for most average-sized rooms.

This is why many people may wonder if they can put two twin-sized beds together to create a larger bed. This is the perfect solution for a very large room or for when you just want extra space to move around at night.

Many people have a full-sized bed in their home and maybe even two. Other common bed sizes that many people tend to own are:

  • Queen
  • King
  • Twin

These are the most common bed sizes and can be used for different purposes in your home. You may have a room that could comfortably fit a king-sized bed but don’t want to buy one.

You could resolve this problem by simply taking two full-sized beds and putting them together to create one large bed. This is a common solution, especially if you have an extra bed that is not being used and could be put to good use.

Do Two Full Beds Together Make a King Bed?

Many people wonder if their two full-sized beds will make a king-sized bed. Everyone wants a king-size bed as it is the largest option you could have, giving you the most comfort and space.

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The downside is that king-sized beds can be the most expensive, putting them far outside of most people’s budget. This is one reason why many people try the method of simply combining two beds that they already have.

Two full-sized beds actually end up making a bed that is slightly larger than a king-size bed. This is because combined full-sized beds create a bed that is 108 inches wide, while a standard king is around 80 inches wide.

This means that you will have even more room where you can combine two full beds instead of just buying a king. This is a great option if you don’t want to buy a new bed and already have two full-sized beds lying around that aren’t being used.

This is a great way to save some money while getting a larger-sized bed than you otherwise would be able to get.

Can You Combine Two Different Mattresses?

If you want to be able to sleep in a bed that is bigger but don’t want to buy a larger bed, you have one other option. The best thing you can do is to combine two mattresses to create one much larger bed.

This is what many people choose to do with full-sized mattresses in order to get a larger bed. This will give you a bed that is not a standard size as it is even larger than a king-sized bed.

Though it is important to keep in mind that this method only works if you use the same size of mattresses. You don’t want to try combining a full-size mattress with a twin-sized mattress.

Doing this just won’t work as they are two different sizes and won’t line up properly. You can generally mix and match mattresses without any issues, but they should be the same size.

You should also aim to use mattresses that are of the same thickness so that one isn’t higher than the other. You want them to come together as seamlessly as possible to create a comfortable bed.

If they don’t combine well, they will end up being uncomfortable and could even leave a big gap between them. This is the last thing that you want to sleep on, so you should be particular about the mattresses that you use to do this.

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How Do You Make a Bed Look Bigger?

If your bed looks too small for your room, you may be more concerned about how the size looks. You may not mind how big it is, but the way it looks may be the issue if the bed is small and the room is large.

You could counteract this by trying to make the bed appear as though it is larger than it really is. You can do this in several ways, like:

  • Using monochromatic bedclothes
  • Minimal pillows and blankets
  • Use a large headboard
  • Add a bend at the end of the bed
  • Have nightstands on both sides

These are a few great ways to make your bed look like it is larger than it really is. This can create the illusion that it fits the room better and doesn’t look so small.

If your bed feels too small at night when you are trying to go to sleep, there are a few things you can do for this. You should try to keep children and pets out of your bed if it is small and starting to feel cramped.

You should also remove any excess that you don’t need, just keeping your blankets and pillow so that you can sleep. If none of those things work, you could try putting two mattresses together to make a bigger bed.

Can You Layer Mattresses?

Now that you know that you can pair two different mattresses together to make a larger bed, you may want to know if you can stack mattresses. Maybe you want a taller bed or one that feels more plush and bouncy.

The reality is that this is generally just a bad idea that you should avoid for several reasons, including:

  • It shortens the lifespan
  • It’s unstable
  • It hoards allergens
  • It doesn’t breath
  • It can become uncomfortable

Though it may seem like stacking mattresses would be a great way to get an extra comfy bed, it’s a bad idea. This is unstable and will significantly mess with the quality of your mattress.

It will be squished and start to lose its shape and become lumpy and uncomfortable. Two mattresses on top of each other also cannot breathe and will be uncomfortable to sleep on in warm weather.

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They will also hoard allergens and be much dirtier since there are two combined instead of just one. In the worst-case scenario, this could be a bed bug’s dream place to live.

It is also unstable, so if you are a person who moves a lot in their sleep, you may even maneuver the top mattress off of the bottom one. This would result in you being spilled out onto the floor.

Is It Comfortable to Sleep on Two Beds Together?

It can be perfectly comfortable to sleep on two beds put together as long as they are the right sizes. Don’t pair two differently sized mattresses together unless you want a very awkward night’s sleep.

You should also choose mattresses of the same height so that they match evenly. Otherwise, one side of the bed will be higher than the other, making it uncomfortable to sleep in.

Using a large bed sheet can also help to pull the two beds together and seal up the crack between them. This will ensure that they want separate leaving a gap for you to fall through.

What Size of Bed do You Have When You Put Two Full-Sized Beds Together?

If you have two full-sized beds and put them together, you will get a bed that is 108 inches wide. This is even larger than a king-sized bed, which is typically going to be 80 inches wide.

This gives you a very large and comfy bed that has all of the space that you need. Without you having to go out and buy a new bed so that you have more room.

You can do this with other bed sizes as well to achieve different sizes to fit your room and what you are wanting. Just don’t use two differently sized beds as they won’t fit together very well at all.

This is important to keep in mind if you want to be able to combine two beds to create one larger one. This won’t work with mattresses that are too different in size or thickness.

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