There are as many types of home building contractors as there are types of homes built. Understanding the different types of home builders will help you in selecting the right home builder for your job.

Types of Home Building Contractors Overview

Types of Home Building Contractors: Luxury Home Builders and Contractors
Luxury homes have expensive moldings, elaborate bath fixtures and many design features not found in average homes. They may have imported materials and hand crafted fireplaces, with hand carved wood work. Their countertops are always genuine stone, and the sinks cost more than most people’s whole kitchen. They have built in computer and WI-FI networks, and security systems. Meanwhile, often these tech features are carefully hidden behind real wood paneling, and hand carved doors. These homes are usually very large, at around 4000 to 6000 square feet, with sprawling floor plans and custom spiral stairways. These homes cost millions of dollars and have all the luxuries imaginable.

Types of Home Building Contractors: Luxury Green Home Builders
Green Luxury homes are very similar to other luxury homes. They may have green features but they are still large, sprawling mansions, which even with all the energy efficiency, are still expensive to heat and cool, compared to an average home. Green components are chosen for their energy efficiency, their uniqueness, their durability or their beauty. A large percentage of the green homes built today are multimillion dollar luxury green homes.

Types of Home Building Contractors: Quality Home Construction
This is a phrase used a lot by traditional builders who have been in business for over twenty years. Many of these builders have been in the business of providing quality homes for generations. They take pride in traditional home craftsmanship. They are not in the business of providing luxury homes for billionaires. They deal with middle class people, creating lovely homes and arranging for their home builders loans and mortgages with great tact, diplomacy and experience. Most lending institutions are delighted to provide loans for quality home construction. Quality construction involves 6 inch wall thicknesses, and some great design features which are definitely a cut above the average tract house.

Types of Home Building Contractors: Tract Home Builders
Tract homes vary a lot in quality, but most tract home builders build only a few very similar house plans. While they may consider their homes custom homes, because they vary the floor plans a bit to suit their clients, these homes are practically identical to each other in most ways. Quality does vary, and some of tract home builders are equal to “quality home builders” while others barely skim by the inspectors.

Types of Home Building Contractors: The Chain Store Approach to Home Building

In recent years a new kind of home builder has arisen. They have offices all over the U.S.A. under only a few different company names. The people you will deal with are the employees of a huge corporation, and they offer to provide you a home at an amazingly low price. It is definitely the typical mart approach applied to home building. They buy in quantity, build in quantity, pay lower wages and probably sacrifice some quality, but they build your house for cheap.

Types of Home Building Contractors: True Custom Home Builders
These are often quality home builders who specialize in working with architects to create truly unique homes based on the dreams of their clients. The architects use the scribbled floor plans and soaring designs of the clients to create unique homes which these home builders follow with painstaking accuracy to create dreams. Of course this service is more expensive, but for those willing to spend the extra money, the results can be quite satisfying.

Types of Home Building Contractors: Traditional Green Energy Efficiency
These “green home builders” specialize in energy efficient traditional looking structures. They can often reduce the electric bill to thirty dollars a month, and other amazing feats of conservation. Some are also interested in water conservation, which is more important in some areas than others. These types of home owners still use traditional stick building, with 2”x 6” lumber for walls, but they pack some high tech super insulation in the walls and ceilings, and use triple glazed windows to make these homes so tight that virtually no heat leaks out.

Types of Home Building Contractors: Sustainable, Affordable, and Alternative Materials Builders
These guys are very hard to find, and represent less than 5% of home builders and contractors. Often involved in the quiet war for affordable housing, they have a cause which outweighs their desire for profit. These people firmly believe that every human being deserves a home without being financially crippled by a mortgage. They are frequently interested in ecology and real sustainability for the human race, on this planet. You will often find them doing work for charities. Sometimes they even move to foreign countries, in order to practice their creative talents without having to deal with restrictive codes. They will usually travel for a specific contract, if you offer them a chance to express their creativity.

As you can see there are many different types of home building contractors, most of which are eager to serve your needs, if their type of construction interests you. Understanding the difference in contractors can help you narrow your search, and yield some new ideas for construction as well. Keep searching till you find the right home building contractors to serve your needs.