Ups Says Delivered But No Package


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Has there ever been an instance when UPS says delivered but no package showed up on your doorstep?

This can be an extremely perplexing and frustrating situation.

You’ve been eagerly anticipating its arrival repeatedly checking your tracking number only to be met with disappointment.

Are you left scratching your head and asking yourself ‘Did some neighbor sneak off with it or did it simply vanish into thin air?

Ups Says Delivered But No Package

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What To Do If Ups Says Delivered But No Package

Experiencing the frustrating situation of “UPS says delivered but no package” is not uncommon. Even when UPS tracking system indicates that your package was successfully delivered you may sometimes find no package at your doorstep.

So what can you do?

First always check the immediate area including your porch front/back door and mailbox. Driven by the green initiative UPS may place the package in a less conspicuous location often concealed and wrapped in a plastic bag to protect it from incidental weather situations.

Next contact UPS directly and report your missing package. Provide them with your tracking information so they can initiate an investigation with the driver.

It’s a common scenario that a package was delivered to the wrong address or an accident or technical issue occurred during delivery.

  • If the package remains unaccounted for you can officially file a claim with UPS. Ensure that you submit a complete merchandise description and any available photo documentation if claiming for an expensive or delicate item. Remember your claim payment process may rely on your insurance terms.
  • The claims investigation may take around 10 days. UPS keeps searching for your lost package even after the claim process time and notifies you if and when it is found.
  • In cases of delivering to an apartment or condo drivers often leave packages with on-site personnel or in the front office if unable to deliver directly to the recipient.
  • There might also be circumstances where the UPS driver handed off your package to USPS for final delivery. It is beneficial to check with your local USPS office in such cases.
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Speak With Your Neighbors First

If UPS claims package delivered and you’re still left empty-handed speaking with your neighbors can be an effective first step. UPS drivers sometimes leave packages with neighbors or nearby residents especially when delivering to an apartment condo or business.

It’s possible that due to a mix-up your package was delivered to a neighbor instead. As such check with them and other nearby residents.

They might have received your package unintentionally. Even a slight mistake in the apartment or business code could lead to this confusion for the UPS driver.

Neighbors can often be the unexpected heroes in such missing package dilemmas.

Check Around The House For Your Package

It can be a frustrating experience when UPS says delivered but no package is to be found. However there could be a simple explanation.

Before raising a missing package alert it is advisable to check around your house.

Locate your delivery notice. The note often contains essential information on where the UPS driver has placed your package.

It may be concealed in a less conspicuous area to prevent theft.

Scan your porch back door and any spots around your house UPS could use as a safe delivery location. The driver might have placed the package inside a plastic bag to protect it from rain.

And it won’t hurt to check odd places like your mailbox or lock box — you could be pleasantly surprised!

Check With The Usps For Your Package

The US Global Mail suggests that UPS might hand off packages to USPS for the final leg of delivery. This practice is particularly common in rural areas where long-mile driving is involved.

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If you can’t find your package it’s a good idea to get in touch with the local USPS office. Give them your tracking information and see if they can shed light on the situation.

If your package isn’t with USPS it might be time to contact UPS. They can access their tracking system and maybe reach out to the driver to clarify the delivery.

If necessary they will initiate an investigation to find the lost package.

Contacting UPS

Report the problem with your package directly to UPS. You can find their contact details on their website or the delivery notice.

Provide them with your tracking information and a detailed description of the issue.

Keep in mind that the claim process time may take up to 10 days. UPS thoroughly investigates each case and will send a damage or lost package notification upon concluding their research.

Contact UPS if:
You have thoroughly checked around your house and still can’t find the package.
USPS did not have your package.
You have followed UPS’s terms and conditions and remain unsuccessful in finding your package.

How To Prevent Ups Says Delivered But No Package

Prevention is better than a cure and there are several ways to prevent the UPS says delivered but no package issue. One such way is to ensure you provide a safe location for package deliveries.

This could be a concealed front porch lock box or even your office provided you’re allowed to receive personal packages there.

Secondly provide clear delivery instructions. A confused UPS driver could deliver your package to a wrong address.

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Hence providing precise details can help to guide the driver.

You can also schedule your deliveries for a specific date and time when you will be home. The UPS tracking system allows you to do this easily.

This guarantees that your package will not be left at your front door susceptible to theft.

Requesting a signature for your packages is another excellent way to ensure your item is safely delivered. This ensures that your package is handed over to a real person reducing the chances of packages being lost or stolen.

For those living in an apartment or condo using front office services can reduce chances of package misplacement. Having your packages delivered to the front office decreases the chances of it being delivered to a wrong address or being stolen.

Apart from these prevention steps you can utilize services from UPS such as UPS Access Points and UPS Stores. These are secure locations where you can pick up your packages at your convenience.

Also consider using services like US Global Mail a virtual mailbox alternative that helps in ensuring safe package delivery and allows you to access mail digitally.

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